Grandma shuts down her small store to give the goods to her neighbors

Mother Belina's owns a small store in Cainta Rizal. Due to the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine, she temporarily closed her shop. However, her neighbors were surprised when Mother Belina offered them biscuits, instant coffees and more.

What We Still Don’t Know About Covid-19

Despite the huge effort scientists all over the world have exerted, there is still much we do not understand.

Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum will star together in the sci-fi movie ‘Seo Bok.’

“Seo Bok” is an action thriller that will tell the story of the world’s first human clone, Seo Bok, and the many different forces who want to capture him in order to uncover the secret to eternal life.

6 Tips for Managing Daytime Sleepiness When Working From Home

If you can stay home and relax for the day it’s not a big deal to be a little sleepy. But with the current situation of COVID-19 and everyone is advised to work from home, being sleepy can have significant consequences. You may miss deadlines or hang back on your workload. If that becomes a pattern, it could jeopardize your job. Treating the actual cause of daytime sleepiness can help boost your energy level and brain function. However, even if you are taking steps to feel better, daytime sleepiness may not improve overnight.
Real Estate

Mandani Bay – Transforming Cebu Into A World-Class Lifestyle Destination

This master planned property will have Residential Condominiums, Office Towers, Retail Areas, Hotel and Condotel and expansive Lifestyle Spaces.

How to Stop Thinking About Food

Your mind is always buzzing with thoughts, but what happens when it turns bad for health? A lot of people think too much about food, for some it's not a big deal, but for others it can seriously impede their lives.

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno extends his gratitude to the frontliners through Tiktok

In the famous mobile app TikTok, Manila City Mayor Francisco "Isko Moreno" expressed his gratit...

How To Make The 3-ingredient Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

With the enhanced community quarantine in full swing, loads of us are drawn back into cooking and b...

How do self-employed people save money

Most employees today moved to a freelance career. They prefer not stability but independence an...

Why You Need Insurance

We tend to believe that savings are enough to be financially stable.But if you look at life at a pr...