7 Incredible Projects in Cebu South Road Properties (SRP)

Cebu has been doing well in the industrial world lately, pushing more and more technologies for all to enjoy, and many of them have also been good. One of its growing buds is the South Road Properties (SRP) projects, which welcome locals and foreigners alike with new and exciting developments.

Can a foreigner buy a property in the Philippines?

Can a foreigner start a business in the Philippines? Can they own 100% of the business? Is it easy for foreigners to start a business in the Philippines?

Can a foreigner own a business in the Philippines?

A quick guide on how to get your business opened in the Philippines.

WHO says coronavirus can float in indoor air

The World Health Organization announced that coronavirus may remain in the air in crowded indoor spaces, spreading from one person to another.

34.8 million persons in the Philippines are single, according to PSA

34.8 million single persons in the Philippines in 2015 according to the Philippine Statistics Authority.

Hacktivist Anonymous encourage the public to remove TikTok

Anonymous, a well-known hacktivist group, has issued a statement through an affiliated Twitter account, @YourAnonCentral, warning the public about TikTok's security threats.

How to Accept Failure

Embracing failure can lead to success down the road.

How to maintain a high immunity during the Coronavirus pandemic

Steps you can take to maintain your immune health during the coronavirus outbreak.

WHO confirms that a new Ebola outbreak has been detected in Congo

New Ebola outbreak detected in the northwest Democratic Republic of the Congo.

All you should know about GCQ | Cebu

Here are the information on what you should know about GCQ.