How rich is Willie Revillame?


Willie Revillame is one of the richest artists in Philippines showbiz industry. 
He started a difficult life, but with his hard work and talent, Willie was able to lead a comfortable life.
Willie started his career as an actor until he became a full time game show host.

Aside from houses, lands and cars, the 58-year-old host also has a lot of business and business collaboration.
In fact, according to reports in 2018, the net worth of the “Wowowin” host is estimated to be over $ 25 million or Php 1.3 billion!

Willie with daughter Meryll Soriano and grandson Elijah Palanca

Meryll Soriano is a witness to her father’s wealth.
In an interview, Meryll, who is also an actress, revealed the most expensive thing Willie ever bought.
According to her, the most expensive property that her father owns is the plane.

In addition to the plane, the 58-year-old host also has yacht, chopper and luxury cars.
According to some reports, some of Willie Revillame’s used cars are the Rolls Royce, Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche Carrera Turbo, Lincoln Navigator, Jaguar XJ, and a Hummer H2.
He also has many properties in various places in the Philippines, like his rest house in Tagaytay.
He also owns the Wil Tower in Quezon City together with his business partner ex-senator Manny Villar.

According to Meryll, she once tried to borrow her dad’s pick-up car.
But instead, Willie brought her to the famous car store and bought her a new car!
However, Meryll didn’t grow up spoiled. 
In fact, her father also taught her the importance of hard work and strategy.
Now she has her own business design firms, even though her dad gives her allowances.