Vice Ganda’s Corona Bye Bye Na: Trending Online


Many were curious when it was first announced that ABS-CBN would be having an “at home” concert on Channel 2.
This event never happen in televesion show before and ABS-CBN made the way of bringing their artists together for a show from their houses.

It’s a chance for fans to take a peek into their idol’s homes.

Regine Velasquez, Gary Valenciano, Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Judy Ann Santos, Liza Soberano, Enrique Gil and others were among the participants in the fund-raising concert for the network’s Big Business project.

According to netizens, this is a good step for the network to alleviate the stress that Filipinos feel.

One of the highlights of the digital concert until is Vice Ganda’s new song about coronavirus, Corona Bye Bye Na.

Vice tweeted, “Corona Ba-Bye Na composed, recorded, filmed and edited in one day. Hahahhaha! ” 

The netizens were so comforted by the song of the famous comedian who smiled at all the members of the House this weekend.

According to a family network insider, all ad placement fees at the concert will also be donated to the network’s “Pantawid ng Pag-ibig” donation drive.

Another highlight of the concert is what Judy Ann Santos says: “I can only say one thing. At this point, we are all equally scared, wondering what we are up to. But most of us have many supplies, many are ready but this is not the time for treatment. This is also not the time to bash our family members. This time, let’s work together, let’s pray. We can trust that we can overcome it.

“As Filipinos, we have no catastrophe that has not been missed. But it’s time for us to work together. Ten pesos (P10), P50, or P100 that we can distribute to our family, brothers, and sisters, let us give so that we can remain calm during this time, ”Judy Ann stated.

“We do not really have our future in our time, but what we have is faith. That is the greatest weapon we can carry in the disaster we face. Not just the Philippines if not worldwide. It is sad but we look at it in a positive way.

“Isn’t it fun to watch us grow and discover what our children are doing? What else can we do in our homes. We seek rest, God gives us rest. We recognize it but despite our growth, we help those in need in any way. We will miss it with smiles on our faces because we are Filipinos.

“This virus, if he could be turned into a villain, is now very popular. But no one can defeat God. He is the only one we can trust at this time. For me, whatever is within my reach, I will give. May we all work together to help our families in need. As we go along, we are both community quarantines but not all state. Let’s understand that. Let’s not panic buying … let us stay in our homes because our fronliners are paying for their lives for us. We should be grateful that they are doing everything they can for us, ”he added.

“And, let’s all stay positive, not in corona, but positive in life. We smile, we laugh, we enjoy the simple things in life because that’s what it should be. ”

Before the digital concert ended, Zen announced that P237M had collected the “Pantawid ng Pag-ibig.”

Although their franchise is not yet ready and expired in May, they are still looking for ways to provide services to covid-affected Filipinos who, according to the DOH’s latest report, have reported 462 positive cases while many who have lost their jobs due to the enhanced quarantine community throughout Luzon.