6 Surprising Benefits of Talking to Yourself

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We’ve all done it.

Whether you’re aware of it or not— you have talked to yourself loudly.

If someone had walked in on your rambling speech, you may have felt embarrassed about the fact that you were caught talking to yourself.

But according to a psychotherapist, expressing some inner thoughts out loud can actually help you better conquer the present and future and is something we should all start doing.

What are the benefits of talking to yourself?

It relieves stress

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The next time you’re feeling stressed about something, consider talking to yourself.

It’s a normal way to cope with stress and anxiety, and helps alleviate pressures in life.

The researchers’ hypothesis was that talking to oneself in the same way that one would about others would provide some much-needed psychological distance, which may help to control emotions.

Eases Loneliness

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Talking to yourself could help diminish loneliness.

It can be a comforting reaction to help fill a quiet place with the noise of your own voice when you’re alone.

When to worry?

When you start having debates with yourself.

This could be indicative of abnormal behavior that warrants speaking with a professional.

Increases intelligence

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Although thinking out loud makes us look insane, science suggests it’s actually a sign of intelligence, not mental illness.

Our inner talk serves to control ourselves by helping us organize our thoughts, plan actions, consolidate memory, and modulate emotions

The better you are at self-talk the better off you will be.

When you give yourself mental messages whether out loud or in the mind, it enhances your attention span—allowing you to concentrate despite distractions.

Helps your child learn

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Talking to yourself in the presence of your young children can help them learn about language.

Since they tend to absorb information like a sponge and often repeat what they overhear, children pick up on your vocal inflection, syntax, and even vocabulary.

In turn, this becomes a learning experience.

Just watch your language, though.

Little ones are known for repeating what parents say, so hold back when it comes to swear words or dark jokes.

Helps you find objects faster

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A study conducted by researchers found that talking to yourself helps you find items quicker.

They learned that people who repeat the name of an item they’re looking for were able to find it much quicker than those who silently lurched.

The hypothesis is that repeating words aloud sparks memory recall of known objects, making them more tangible and likely to stick out to an observer.

Gives strength and courage

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When we whisper positively to ourselves it gives us a little more strength and courage so we can meet a challenging scenario head-on.

That doesn’t mean you can’t mutter aloud your frustrations, too.

Just like there’s a place for positive self-talk, there’s also a place for negative if you approach it the right way.

Understanding what you’re feeling whether it’s positive or negative has a definite value.

Saying negative thoughts out loud can be very validating.

Bringing the negative stuff you’re thinking and feeling to the surface then gives you the opportunity to reevaluate it.

Once you voice what’s bothering you, try asking yourself if it’s useful to keep holding on to those thoughts or if it’s something you can process and then let go of.

However, it’s essential that you speak respectfully to yourself.

Negative phrases should be eliminated because it’s worse than not talking to yourself at all.

Begin talking to your self like you are your own best friend.

So the next time you find yourself talking away in an empty room, don’t be embarrassed. It’s a good skill to have.

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