How To Be Grateful in Difficult Times


You may be without a job due to this pandemic that our society is facing right now.
Or someone who has an illness or facing a difficult situation of some kind.
When going through difficult times, it’s harder to see the good that exists amidst our troubles.

Here are some ways to get to the gratitude even when things are hard.

Start with any little thing.

In difficult times, find any little thing that you are grateful for.
It could be the breath in your body, the kindness you receive, an apple to bite, eyes to see or a family or friend to call.
These are the things we usually consider little but are not really little at all.
Pause, notice and write it down.
Give thanks to these things now.

Be hopeful.

No matter what the circumstances are, never lose hope.
Yes, the future is uncertain but while you plan for it do not try to manage the outcome.
Take comfort in the fact that once the sun sets, it rises the next day.
And you cannot get a rainbow without a rain.
Have faith.

Look for a hidden opportunity.

In every crisis there is an opportunity. Albert Einstein said, “in the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.”
In bad times, look for an opportunity that may exist, yet may not be so obvious.
For example, a job loss can present all kinds of fears but perhaps it’s time to change life’s direction and look for work that is more suited to your talents and passions.
Bad things may lead you to good things and perhaps be the blessing of a lifetime.

Stop complaining.

Again, stop complaining.
If you do, it will bring peace and happiness into your life rather than frustration.
Constantly listening to people who are angry, frustrated, and complain too much about family, life, and various situations only adds negative energy into your life.

Do one thing you are good at today.

Are you good in gardening or making some soup?
Or maybe you’re good in arts like painting and writing stories.
Well then, when everything is falling apart, do it all.
Often when we are surrounded by doom we feel incapable of coping with anything.
Remind yourself of all that you are capable of by moving toward your talents.

Surround yourself with positive people.

Surround yourself with people you can talk to.
People who can and will inspire you.
There’s no better distraction from a downfall than to be surrounded by loving, supportive people.
Share experiences, laughs, and genuine emotion with those who matter most, and you’ll quickly find there’s much to be grateful for when the going gets tough.

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