7 Ways to Make Money from Home


While the novel coronavirus spreads and staying home being widely encouraged, individuals are finding ways to make money while staying at home.

The following are a variety of legitimate ways of earning income, getting a second job, beginning a full-time solo career or beginning your own small business–all from the comfort of your home.

Just beware of avoiding distressingly popular work-from-home scams that can cost you money.


1. Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay

Why not earn some money by cleaning up your space, before you roll up your sleeves and monetize your personal or professional skills?
Selling your unwanted stuff is a great way to downsize and declutter your life while earning some income on the side.
Examples include old kids’ clothing and toys, sporting goods you no longer use, out-of-fashion wardrobe accessories, electronics, valuable but non-sentimental keepsakes such as watches and jewelry, old furniture, dusty tools and outdoor equipment, and perhaps even big-ticket items like a motorcycle or second car.

Ways you can sell your unwanted stuff


Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay
  • Ebay– EBay is one of the world’s most popular websites.
    Which means it’s a perfect way to quickly draw lots of eyeballs to your unwanted items.
    As long as you include images of high quality and detailed explanations in your product pages, you will possibly break through the noise.
  • Lazada – Essentially selling on LAZADA is FREE, you only start paying when you start selling an item, and that is all, basically ZERO start up cost.
    On Lazada there are no fixed fees, no listing fees, and no hidden costs.
    They only charge a commission per order, based on the unit price of your product.
  • Shopee – Shopee is one of South East Asia’s leading mobile e-commerce marketplace.
    No commission fee, and no listing fee which means no financial burden.
    However sellers can opt for native advertising and purchase paid ads at their own will.
  • Carousel – Carousell focus in giving individuals the tool to solve problems- whether it’s decluttering or earning side income- there are possibilities for everyone.
    It is a smartphone and web-based consumer to consumer and business to consumer marketplace for buying and selling new and secondhand goods.
  • Facebook Marketplace – Marketplace is a convenient destination for people to discover, buy and sell items.
    People can find what they’re looking for by filtering their results by location, category and price.
    By listing on Marketplace, you can reach buyers where they already are.


Prefer to do things the old-fashioned way? Sell whatever you can’t or don’t want to offload online at a garage sale instead.

For a successful garage sale, follow these tips:

  • Set a Popular Time and Date
  • Make Sure You’re Legal
  • Advertise Locally
  • Put Up Signs
  • Research Costs and Set Fair Starting Prices
  • Accommodate Multiple Forms of Payment

2. Sell Your Words by Freelance Writing

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Sell Your Words by earn extra income from freelance writing.
If you have a way with words, writing blog articles and Web copy is an easy and fun way to pad your full-time income.

3. Sell Your Grammatical Skills by Freelance Editing

Image by TeeFarm from Pixabay

As a new editor, start small. Look for part-time or project-based copy editing jobs.
If possible, leverage existing freelance writing arrangements.
For instance, if you know one of your freelance clients uses contract editors to clean up writers’ work, approach them about taking on those responsibilities directly.

4. Paid Social Posts: Get Paid to Tweet, Post, Pin, & Share

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

You don’t need millions of followers to become a social media influencer.
You just need to follow the basic rules of social media etiquette and find a reputable platform that pays you to share sponsored content from its clients or promote affiliate products.

Pay-per-tweet platforms such as PaidPerTweet can get you started, but they’re not the most lucrative options out there.
Unless you have tens of thousands of Twitter followers, you won’t make more than a few bucks per tweet on Paid Per Tweet – and that assumes you’ll find paying clients whose buyer bases align with your follower base.

5. Cash Back & Coupons: Earn When You Shop

Cash back isn’t technically income because you need to buy something to earn it.
It’s more like a discount.
But when you earn it for purchases you’d make anyway, it’s a great way to make a little extra money.
You have plenty of opportunities to earn cash back on purchases made in the comfort of your own home.
Look into these options:

  • Shopback – Available in the App Store and Google Play.
    Shopback is a free-to-use application with over 100 partner stores where you can get exclusive codes, discounts, and of course, cashback.
    In 72 hours after your purchase, see real cash in your account that you can withdraw or transfer to your bank account!
  • PayMaya – Available in the App Store and Google Play. Download the app and register using the code 1g6t43l to get P50 upon upgrade!
    Load your PayMaya like any prepaid debit card and use the scan-to-pay when paying for your purchases or meals.
    Based on their promos, you can get as much as 100% cashback to be received in less than 15 days after purchase.
  • Pera Swipe –Available on: Android
    Another easy way to accumulate points is through Pera Swipe.
    By downloading the app, you’re in effect renting your lock screen to the app, which then feeds you content from their strategic partners.
    Every time you swipe to unlock your screen, you earn points, which you can then use to get prepaid load or top up your Lazada wallet, among other exciting rewards.
    While this means you’ll be seeing ads and content recommendations on your phone a lot, at least you’ll be getting something out of it.

6. Online Videos & TV: Sell Your Viewing Time

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

If you’re an avid consumer of online videos, TV programs, or both, you can turn your habit into a legitimate source of side income.

Some opportunities pay better and more reliably than others.
Netflix reportedly pays “taggers,” who watch and categorize Netflix shows, at least $10 per hour.
Individual shows or production companies occasionally advertise for similar positions, though these opportunities are becoming fewer and farther between.
Competition is stiff when positions do open up.

7. Lodging: Rent Out Space in Your Home

Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

Are you maximizing your home’s income potential?
If you have an empty spare bedroom, mother-in-law suite, or duplex unit on the premises, the answer is likely no.

Many of these work-at-home opportunities involve either passive income or spare-time endeavors that aren’t likely to turn into full-time pursuits.
But some, such as freelance writing and editing, are readily scalable.