The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Cebu City


For some coffee lovers, there’s more to discovering a café that serves the best-tasting coffee in the city.

Some look at the ambiance and food being served, consider the location, and even the ‘Instagram-worthy’ interiors.

If you’re looking for a a nice place to chill at within Cebu, here are the best coffee shops you should head to.


1. Starbucks Reserve – Ayala Malls Central Block

The first-ever Starbucks Reserve in Visayas and Mindanao officially opened at the AyalaMalls Central Bloc in Cebu IT Park last December 22, 2019.
Starbucks Reserve is a premium, elevated store category of the global brand that, in a nutshell, showcases the rarest yet the best coffees and beverages Starbucks can offer.

2. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean’s headquarters is in Los Angeles, but they have many branches in Cebu.
The cafe not only offers coffee but also tea.
You should try their matcha green tea and white chocolate dream latte.
You’d come back for more.

3. Bo’s Coffee

There are a lot of branches of Bo’s Coffee in Cebu.
You’ll find them in malls, hotels, and business centers. 
Bo’s Sagada pour over is one of the best.
If you like a cold coffee drink, you’ll enjoy their iced mocha too.
And should you go hungry, order a carbonara. It tastes really good.

4. Cafe Caw

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Cafe Caw promotes happiness with their decorated walls. 
It’s a cute coffee shop that offers food, coffee, milkshakes, and other stuff like bracelets and notebooks.

5. ABACA Baking Company

ABACA Baking Company offers a very good coffee and pastry which I thoroughly enjoyed.
One of the coziest places to have a cup of coffee in Cebu.
They also serve a wide variety of delicious meals and freshly-baked pastries.


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Affordable, accessible, high-speed fiber internet, sleeping bags, comfortable seats and tables and great working ambiance.. those are the things you get at Workplace Cafe.
Not to mention, their coffee is deliciously strong which is great for those freelancers working at night.

7. Tom N Toms Coffee

Tagged as the Starbucks of Korea, this café is for all beverage aficionados.
Why? It’s because they also offer tea, smoothies, fruit juices and non-coffee-based ice-blended drinks.
Also, their pretzels, pastries, breads, and pizza are all freshly baked which would considerably take the crew some time to complete an order but it’s worth it.

8. Yolk – Coffee and Breakfast

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For all the breakfast lovers out there, this is for you. 
Yolk Coffee and Breakfast serves scrumptious breakfast food and coffee ALL DAY. 
Bonus, it is offered at a very reasonable price too!

9. 32 Umber

Conveniently located near Ayala Center Cebu, 32 Umber has the coffee you need, paired with great tasty sweets.
It’s always a stop for many coffee crawling visitors.
Inside and outside, everything is Instagrammable: the coffee, the treats and the space itself.

10. Fujinoya

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Heart to heart. #COCOL ☕️😂

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Fujinoya was originally known for their cakes and, luckily for readers of this list, the owner happens to be a big fan of specialty coffee.
Fujinoya has a constant stock of Commonman Coffee Roasters’ beans (from Singapore) for sale, on both filter and espresso roasts, while also in their espresso grinder.
A worldwide selection of specialty coffee roasters’ beans is waiting for you.