Aside From Exercise and Healthy Diet, Here Are Things You Can Do For A Happy Heart


Your heart pumps blood to the rest of your body day in and day out.
Did you know that your heart beats about 100,000 times and pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood throughout the body each day?
That’s a hard-working muscle that deserves some love on a daily basis!

It has been said that the heart and mind are connected.
So, to achieve better health, it is essential to build a harmonious relationship between our hearts and minds.
Despite the risk factors you can’t change, such as family history, the way you live does make a difference.

Here are few things you can do everyday aside from exercising and eating healthy to keep your ticker going strong.

Allow your mind to rest.

Often, we race through the day.
The hustle and bustle of life increases stress on the heart.
Try daily meditation or set aside some quiet time like turning off your phone, computer and TV and let yourself relax.

Spend time outdoors and connect with nature.

This will help you feel more grounded, having a calming effect on the body and the mind.

Don’t skimp on sleep.

Research has indicated that getting less than six hours of sleep per night could contribute to heart disease.
People who slept less than six hours have a 48 percent increased risk of developing or dying from coronary heart disease.
Help your heart.
Get some rest.

Laugh out loud.

Laugh out loud in your daily life.
Watch funny movies or crack jokes with your friends on a daily basis.
Laughing can lower stress hormones, decrease inflammation in your arteries, and raise your levels of good cholesterol.

Manage Stress

Staying stress-free is key to keeping your heart healthy.
Learning effective stress-management techniques will put you on the path to good heart health.
Regular and relaxing exercises such as pilates or yoga can also be very beneficial.
Or find a relaxing hobby to enjoy – cooking, baking, drawing – whatever helps relieve your stress.
Read aloud, sip some tea, just make sure to set aside some time each day to decompress.

Believe in the power of LOVE.

Love is more than a wonderful feeling – it has very real health benefits as well.
One of the best ways to keep your heart healthy is to simply be in love.
Studies of loving relationships (marriage, family, friendship) show that they boost levels of antibodies and lower stress hormones.

Know your numbers and your family history.

This is very important.
Schedule routine check-ups with your doctor to measure your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels.
Through this, you can evaluate your current health profile and make adjustments as needed.
And at the next family get-together, make time to ask and answer questions about your family health history.
Record the health conditions and diseases within your family and in partnership with your doctor, use this knowledge to proactively manage your well being and your heart health.

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