Skincare Mistakes That Make Your Acne Worse


We all want to have glow-y and clear skin, but without realizing it, some seemingly harmless habits we do could be the reason behind those breakouts.

Sadly, there’s no universal way to treat acne.
Even when you seek help from a dermatologist, it’s all gonna be a trial and error process since we all react to products or treatments differently.

The best thing you could do is to try and develop healthier skin habits.

Let’s take a closer look at some common skincare mistakes that worsen acne.

Using the wrong cleanser

It’s important to choose the right cleanser for your skin type because making the wrong choice could contribute to breakouts and other problems.

For dry skin, avoid foaming and exfoliating cleansers.
For oily skin, use light, water-based products.
For combination skin, avoid heavy and foaming cleansers.

Aggressive cleansing habits

Cleansing your skin too often, for too long, and using harsher cleansers will do you no good.
Doing it multiple times a day will only cause more damage.
This habit will damage your skin barrier, which will lead to even more breakouts.

Not thoroughly rinsing after cleansing

If you don’t rinse your skin well, leftover cleansing agents might dry out your skin and lead to the excessive oil production that triggers breakouts.
In addition to rinsing well, you should also moisturize immediately so your skin receives the maximum benefit.

Dabbing acne medication only on pimples.

Acne medications not only speed the healing of existing pimples, they also help prevent new ones to come out.

To keep skin in the clear, apply a thin layer of acne medication over the entire area where pimples tend to occur.
Use the one containing benzoyl peroxide which will help kill the bacteria.

Not changing your pillow cases weekly

Your pillowcase can hold a lot of germs and bacteria that can lead to breakouts, even if you wash your face each night — even more so if you don’t.

You can help avoid breakout by changing your pillowcase every second day.

You forget the little things

Sometimes we get so focused on washing our faces that we forget that the rest of our environment carries bacteria, too.
Your own hands, for example.
Touching your own face smears it with oil and bacteria, and scratching at your acne only irritates it and exposes it to the bacteria lurking underneath your nails.

You should always wash your hands, clean your phone, and you’re your hair regularly.

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