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Lot 8 Condominium – Experience the Good Life

This 15-floor condominium will surely make your life easier. Located in the tenement district of Ce...

How to pay BIR tax using GCash

Instead of using the time to work on transactions, if we can do it online to save time, why not...

How to file BIR FORM 0619-E

BIR Form 0619-EorMonthly Remittance Form for Creditable Income Taxes Withheld (Expanded) Isaremitt...

Can a foreigner drive in the Philippines?

Thinking of renting a car and driving in the Philippines for your upcoming trip? This question ...
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The Best Place to Stay When in Cebu – Avida Towers

When you travel, you'd always want to stay in a place where everything is accessible. Restaurants, ...


セブシティーには、格安ホテルから最も豪華なものまで、さまざまな美しいホテルがたくさんあります。今回は、セブでちょっと贅沢したい人のために、おすすめのホテルをまとめました。 ラディソンブルー ...

フィリピンの超大規模 プロジェクト!!


Best prepaid sim cards in the Philippines

Prepaid sim cards in the Philippines One thing you should consider when you're traveling t...

Calyx Residences at Cebu Business Park – Simply Breathtaking

Are you a business man, an aspiring young professional or someone who is starting a family of y...
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Affordable Living in Cebu – La Guardia Flats 1 & 2

Looking for a very affordable place to stay without compromising quality and security? La Guardia F...