Lot 8 Condominium – Experience the Good Life

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This 15-floor condominium will surely make your life easier. Located in the tenement district of Cebu City, everything here is reachable. It provides easy access to hi-end malls, Landers Superstore, supermarkets and restaurants. Indeed, living here will make you experience a good life.

The Lobby

A very simple and relaxing lobby. It’s open air so you can really feel the real temperature of the day here. But it’s not too hot though, so chill. 🙂 They have also a mini indoor pond where you can enjoy watching the swimming fish and turtles.

The room

This is a one-bedroom unit so there’s enough space to have a living room like this. Perfect if you want to invite some friends over the weekend.

The kitchen is spacious enough for 2 people. You can cook here and wash your laundry. Talk about independence. However, if you’re really tired doing your laundry, there are a lot of laundry shops nearby.

Smokers will rejoice! Yes, all units in this condominium has a balcony of its own. So smokers? No need to go downstairs or find a smoking area. But may I remind you though, smoking is bad for your health. X

The room is enough for one bed only so if you have friends sleeping over it would get a little tighter.

The pink toilet and bath. Ladies will surely enjoy taking a bath here.

Other Amenities

Who would not want to have a pool to dip in when you’re feeling hot? This pool is open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. But for short term visitors who want to have the best solo shot in the pool, better be early because it’s small so during hot days, it gets a little jam-packed.

Okay okay, so yeah the gym is small and it only has 3 equipment for everyone to use but it shouldn’t stop you from living a healthy life, right? You just have to find out when it is not crowded. If it is, then there’s enough space for you do some no-equipment workout. 🙂

Real Estate
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