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The Best Place to Stay When in Cebu – Avida Towers

When you travel, you'd always want to stay in a place where everything is accessible. Restaurants, ...

Calyx Residences at Cebu Business Park – Simply Breathtaking

Are you a business man, an aspiring young professional or someone who is starting a family of y...
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Affordable Living in Cebu – La Guardia Flats 1 & 2

Looking for a very affordable place to stay without compromising quality and security? La Guardia F...
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Mabolo Garden Flats – Cebu City Living

From the name itself, Mabolo Garden Flats is indeed ecological and economical. Built with a gar...

Why investing in Cebu is a good idea?

Success requires a lot of risk. If you don’t test the water you will never know how shallow or deep...

Ayala Malls Central Bloc: Cebu’s newest hangout【ITパーク アヤラ情報】

Cebu’s second Ayala mall finally opened last December 6, 2019. Central Bloc is in the mi...