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The Best Place to Stay When in Cebu – Avida Towers

When you travel, you'd always want to stay in a place where everything is accessible. Restaurants, ...

Calyx Residences at Cebu Business Park – Simply Breathtaking

Are you a business man, an aspiring young professional or someone who is starting a family of y...
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Affordable Living in Cebu – La Guardia Flats 1 & 2

Looking for a very affordable place to stay without compromising quality and security? La Guardia F...
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Mabolo Garden Flats – Cebu City Living

From the name itself, Mabolo Garden Flats is indeed ecological and economical. Built with a gar...

Why investing in Cebu is a good idea?

Success requires a lot of risk. If you don’t test the water you will never know how shallow or deep...

Christmas in the Philippines

Traditional Philippine Christmas Star Lantern How Filipinos celebrate Christmas The Ph...