Ten Most Handsome Japanese Actors According to Filipinas


Filipinos mostly have the same set of standards when it comes to both men and women’s beauty.
Fair to white skin, long nose, reddish or pinkish lips, thin body and tall or beyond average height especially for men.
The very reason why most Filipinas get really attracted to Americans, Europeans, Koreans, Japanese and Chinese is because of the skin color.

To know more about the beauty standards for men in the Philippines, here are top 10 most handsome Japanese actors according to Filipinas.

Top 1: Masaki Okada

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Image Source: AsianWiki.com

Masaki Okada is a perfect example of a handsome man for Filipinas.
Fair skin, long nose, pinkish lips and boy next door look.
He is best known for his roles as Sekime Kyogo in the drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e and as Takuma Kakinouchi in the 2009 film I Give My First Love to You.

2. Miura Haruma

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Miura Hiruma is not just an actor but also a singer.
He played the leading role in the famous movie in 2010 Kimi ni Todoke.
In 2019, he released his debut single titled “Fight for Your Heart”.
The song has become the theme song of the TV Drama series which he also starred in the main role.
For Filipinas, this talented man is very handsome because of his heart-shaped lips and manly look.

3. Jin Akinishi

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Image Source: Facebook/JustJin – Jin Akinishi EU Fanclub

Jin Akinishi is not just a handsome face.
For Filipinas, he is more than just that.
Hot is the best word to describe this talented man.
Jin is one of the two lead vocalists of the J-Pop boy band KAT-TUN.
Aside from being a singer, he is also a songwriter, musician and an actor.
He played the main role in the movie Bandage and the famous 47 Ronin which was his Hollywood international debut.

4. Matsumoto Jun

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Every Filipina surely knows this stunning man.
Because who would forget that rich, arrogant, boastful but innocent and undeniably lovable Tsukasa Domyoji of Hana Yori Dango?
A lot of Filipinas got really totally crazy over this good looking man a few years back.
In real life, Jun Matsumoto is a singer, actor, radio host, dancer, model and a producer.
He is such a dream guy for every Filipina.

5. Ryusei Yokohama

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Image Source: Arama Japan

This 23-year old actor and model is definitely oozing with sex appeal.
He is the February 2020 cover of Japan’s men’s magazine Non-No.
His long nose and eyes that speak are what Filipino girls easily noticed.
This young man played the role of Hikari in the TV series Ressha Sentai ToQger.
He was born in Yokohama Kanagawa Japan.

6. Satoshi Tsumabuki

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His eyes and the way he smiles will definitely melt every Filipina’s heart.
He can both look good in messy and clean look.
Satoshi doesn’t do acting only.
He is also the bassist and lead singer of the Japanese band Basking Life.
He’s simply perfect.

7. Teppei Koike

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Image Source: imdb.com

This 33-year old Japanese actor and singer announced last year that he and his wife welcomed a new member of their family.
Regardless of being a father now, he is still so handsome for Filipino women.
Everyone’s still hoping for him to come to the Philippines.
Why is he still young looking at 33? Justice?

8. Mackenyu

Image Source: Facebook/Mackenyu Arata Philippines
Image Source: KProfiles

Everyone’s crushing on this American-born Japanese young star.
He is Mackenyu Arata previously known as Mackenyu.
This 23-year old is an actor and a singer who had formerly collaborated with the famous band The Chainsmokers.
Upcoming projects of this man are totally making all girls extra exhilarated.

9. Kentaro Sakaguchi

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Image Source: celebrityborn.com

Smiling or not, this hunky hot man is still an A+ for every Filipina.
Those chinky eyes and well-proportioned face are just perfect.
Kentaro is 28-year old model and actor who has starred in some television series like Tokyo Tarareba Musume and Signal.

10. Satoh Takeru

Image Source: Crunchyroll
Image Source: Foolish Asian Drama Life

Well, literally holding a breath right now.
Satoh Takeru who starred in the very famous movie Rurouni Kenshin certainly got all it takes to make a woman’s heart skip a beat.
He is handsome, he is hot, he is everything a woman wants.
Who would not fall in love with this talented man?

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