The Best Place to Stay When in Cebu – Avida Towers


When you travel, you’d always want to stay in a place where everything is accessible. Restaurants, laundry shops, supermarkets, churches and so on. Of course, who would like to stay in a foreign land without the everyday necessities at hand, right? Unless, you bring them all from your home land. But that would surely make you lose some bucks for extra baggage on flight.

Ff you’re thinking about going on a vacation to Cebu, this is the place we would recommend for you. Avida Towers Cebu is located inside the IT/Business District of Cebu, IT Park. Everything you need is here.

In front of the towers are the park and surrounding restaurants, fast food chains and convenience stores. Yes, there are a lot of convenience stores in the area that you surely won’t get hungry here. Even one of the biggest malls in the city is just one block away!

The Lobby

The lobbies give you tropical and elegant feels.

The room

This residential condominium has a studio, 1BR and 2BR units. However, at the time of visit, the only available room for viewing is the studio unit.

As bright as the lobby, this room gives you an instant mood lift every time because of its colors. This is a studio unit but the owner made it look a little bigger by putting a large mirror on the wall.

This is the kitchen and counter that serves as a dining too to save space. If you get tired of eating outside, the rice cooker, refrigerator, oven and induction burner are all ready for you to use. Just don’t break it. lol

This is the main door and on the left is the door to the toilet and bath.

This room doesn’t have a balcony but it has a large window enough for you to see what’s going on outside.

Wifi is not yet installed in this room but if you want to have one, you need to pay an additional payment for installation and monthly fee.


The pool is open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. Tower 1 and Tower 2 share 1 swimming pool only so expect that it gets a little crowded at times.

The condominium offers no real gym, however, it has a limited outdoor facilities open for you to use if in some days you want to sweat it out. If you are really a gym person, there are a lot of gym centers too around the corner. So no worries.

Avida Towers Cebu has few units left for sale too. So if you’re planning to rent or invest in the future, contact us and we’ll be more than willing to assist you. Experience life according to Avida!

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