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From the name itself, Mabolo Garden Flats is indeed ecological and economical. Built with a garden, yoga spot and other health and wellness amenities, your stay in this place is beyond immeasurable.

  1. The Studio Room

The room has a 27sqm total floor area with separate toilet and bath. It has a kitchen and a living area perfect for you and your friends’ weekend staycation. The private balcony overlooking the city is perfect also for a relaxing smoking session.

2. The Lobby

The lobby presents the colors of nature, green and brown, which gives visitors and tenants the garden feels. In the lobby also is the M+S Café where you can take your breakfast (optional), the massage shop for relaxation and therapeutic purposes, convenience store and mail box area just in case you have a very important mail to receive during your stay.

3. The Infinity Pool

Got a very tight schedule that inserting the beach for a short R&R is really impossible? Swim and sunbath where you stay is one of the great advantages of living here. The infinity pool overseeing the city is so perfect to dip in at day time or at night, with friends or alone. Tenants or owners can bring 3 friends for free or a charge of P100 per person beyond that.

4. Eco-Garden and Yoga Spot

If you’re into inner beauty and well-being then this place is unquestionably for you. The green plants in this garden will certainly supply you with clean air and peace of mind. Plus, there’s a weekly Yoga class too if you want to test your flexibility and developed a mindful life.

5. Fitness Gym

Of course, not all are into flexibility exercises. For that reason, this fitness gym is for active individuals who want to improve their strength and endurance. No need for you to go far. The gym is open from 6am to 10pm.

6. The Function Hall

Looking for a very affordable place to hold your party? Look nowhere else because this place has an affordable function hall to throw that dream party of yours. The place can be rented for only P2,500 for 4 hours (can be extended), exclusive for tenants and owners only.

Mabolo Garden Flats is located in the heart of the city but is not along the busy streets of Cebu. If you’re looking for a place near all the establishments but isn’t noisy, this place is perfect for you.

Real Estate
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