Mosquito Repellent Plants To Grow At Home


In the Philippines, mosquito-borne illnesses are constant threats.
That’s why most of us rely much on insect sprays and repellent lotions to get rid of the nasty bugs.

To help protect yourself and your family at home consider planting the following plants to keep the blood-sucking insects at bay.

Most of these plants have multiple uses apart from being good insect repellents.


Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

Lemongrass, locally known as tanglad—a food flavor enhancer—is one of the most popular natural insect repellants.
Lemongrass oil contains citronellal, citral, and nerol, which have anti-irritant, antiseptic, and insecticidal properties.
Plant this grass along walkways and outdoor seating areas to banish mosquitoes.


Image by Lavi Perchik on Unsplash.

This is by far, one of the easiest plants to grow.
You could leave the seeds or saplings unattended and let nature takes care of the growth of your basil.

Basil is known to be delicious for many recipes.
It improves the taste of many meals.
Its smell is a delight to people.
The same can never be said for bugs.
The basil’s strong scent keeps many bugs away especially mosquitoes and flies.

Keeping a pot of basil in your kitchen area will keep your kitchen pest-free.
It’s said that basil was used in ancient times to keep common pests away.


Image by Thúy Lâm on Unsplash

This herb is also very easy to plant and it also grows and spreads at a rapid rate.
That’s why it’s best to keep them in pots if you plan on planting your own mint herbs.
Unlike most herbs, the aromatic properties of the plant are not only found in its leaves, they’re present in every part of the mint herb.

Mint is a very popular plant to repel mosquitoes.
In fact, you could make your own mosquito repellent by extracting the oil and combining it with some apple cider vinegar and vodka.
You could also leave pots that are strategically placed around your house to prevent any pest invasion.


Image by Vincent Foret on Unsplash

Rosemary is an herb that many of us are very familiar with and their woody scent is exactly what keeps mosquitoes as well as cabbage moths and carrot flies away.
 Like basil, rosemary is an easy-to-grow container herb.

Lemon balm

Image by planet_fox from Pixabay

Also known as horsemint, lemon balm’s aroma wards off mosquitoes, but attracts pollinators like bees and butterflies.
It’s fast growing, drought resistant and reseeds itself, so consider planting in a pot rather than in your yard to avoid a lemon balm takeover.


Image from Third Life in Dulan

Citronella is by far the most popular plant that repels mosquitoes.
It has a very strong, recognizable scent and is used in many commercial bug repellents.


Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Marigolds, an easy-to-grow annual flower, emit a smell that deters mosquitoes.
Grow them in pots and place them near your patio or entrance to your home to keep bugs out.

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