Cebu’s Colon Street: the shortest and oldest national road in the Philippines


Colon Street, commonly known as the Philippines’ shortest and oldest national road, is a must-see in of Cebu.

Colon street is named after Cristobal Colon also known as Christopher Columbus.

Colon Street, the country’s oldest street, has been designated as a historical site by the National Historical Institute. An obelisk was constructed at the end of Colon on May 17, 1999, designating the city’s major street as a national landmark.

Markings on the obelisk say: “Colon St., known also as Parian, is the oldest street in the Philippines. It was built by the Spaniards who arrived in Cebu in 1565 on the fleet composed of the vessels San Pedro, San Pablo and San Juan under the command of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.”

As one of the busiest streets in Metro Cebu, Colon is now home to stylish boutiques, movie theaters, and other workplaces.

It has evolved as the province’s hub for business activity.

The initial establishments such as buildings, offices, and universities (including the University of Cebu, University of San Carlos, and University of San Jose – Recoletos) are also conveniently located in the Colon neighborhood.

Colon Street is also recognized as the commercial and trade center. Because of its popularity, many entrepreneurs and investors assume that investing in Colon will provide a profit half way.

Colon witnessed Cebu’s growth and fall, making it more historically significant than any other street in the province.

During the Christmas season, Colon is a great spot to visit because of the gorgeous Christmas decorations.

It is also an excellent location for locating great value for money.

Night market is also set up every holiday and Sinulog season (before Covid19 pandemic), where shoppers double in number than usual.

Since its introduction in the year 2000, buyers have preferred Colon over malls because Colon shops and stores provide significantly lower costs.

Colon still has the label of ‘deal hunters’ area, because shoppers can take comfort and reward themselves after a long day of shopping by indulging in movies, fast foods, halo-halo (ice-cream refreshment with fruits and other beans), common restaurants, and so on.


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