5 Must Try Seafood Restaurant in Cebu


When the words Cebu and cuisine are mentioned together, one dish usually springs to mind: Cebu lechon. While this is correct, this small island has much more to offer. Cebu is surrounded by abundant oceans, which means it has its fair share of seafood restaurants that would make any seafood lover’s eyes shine.

We compiled a list of Cebu’s top seafood restaurants. Check out our tantalizing list.



image source: Choobi Choobi Facebook Page

Choobi Choobi, an original Cebu seafood restaurant, is known for providing cheap shrimp meals, particularly its Shrimp in a Bag. Let me point you that the shrimps are produced and collected on Stan’s farm in Cebu.

They are highlighted as a wonderful seafood restaurant, but they have much more to be proud of! They have a diverse cuisine and exceptional service.

2. STK ta Bai sa Paolito’s Seafood House

Some of Cebu’s ancestral homes have been transformed into museums. However, one family chose to pave the way by converting their home into a restaurant. STK ta Bai sa Paolito’s Seafood House is regarded as one of Cebu’s top seafood restaurants. Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was one of its most notable guests. Baked scallops, tuna jaw, and crabs in curry or black pepper are among its best-sellers. In addition, the restaurant serves additional delicacies such as pig barbecue and pochero (stewed beef chunks).

STK ta Bai sa Paolito’s Seafood House’s menu pricing range from PhP95 for the lato (sea grapes) to PhP495 for the pochero.

3. Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant

Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant allows visitors to have their seafood prepared exactly as they want it. The restaurant serves a variety of seafood, including king crabs, sea mantis, and lobsters in aquariums. Guests may have it prepared just as they like it. They also provide fixed menu dishes for visitors who can’t get enough of these marine treasures. Furthermore, the restaurant serves non-seafood dishes such as beef broccoli, fried chicken, and pata tim (slowly-braised pork leg).

Prices range from PhP160 for fresh oysters to PhP520 for the pata tim.

4. Tongs Seafood Buffet

Buffet-style dining has long been a feature of Cebuanos’ life. A seafood buffet, on the other hand, is not a regular sight in the city. Tongs Seafood Buffet is the place to be. This popular Cebu buffet restaurant serves a wide selection of seafood to its customers. Crabs, oysters, scallops, and other shellfish are available in unlimited quantities for visitors on a seafood diet.

Tongs Seafood Buffet charges PhP359 per person for their seafood buffet.

5. Fiesta Bay Seafood Restaurant

Fiesta Bay Asian Seafood Restaurant is always a feast. Every day, all of our popular meals are prepared from scratch.

More than that, expect to eat a variety of Filipino cuisine with a twist. Whatever the twist, everything will undoubtedly fulfill your needs.


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