Israeli Therapeutic Firm Seems to Find Cure to Covid-19 from Placenta


According to a recent report posted on The Times of Israel website, a placenta-based cell therapy formulated by an Israeli firm has been found to have cured critically ill Covid-19 patients in Israel.
Six patients who were suffering from acute respiratory failure and inflammations associated with COVID-19, were treated at three Israeli hospitals for a week.

Doctors defined all patients as “high-risk for mortality” with four of them have failure of other organ systems including cardiovascular and kidney failure.

As per report, four of the patients have shown improvement with their respiratory conditions, three are bound to be weaned off from the ventilator and two who had pre-existing medical conditions are now showing clinical recovery.

Pluristem Therapeutics, the name of the company, uses placentas to grow smart cells, and programs them to secrete therapeutic proteins in the bodies of sick people.

The treatment of select patients doesn’t constitute a clinical trial yet but Yaky Yanay, CEO and president of Pluristem Therapeutics said that a trial will come soon and once conducted, he hopes that the approval can be fast.
He also said that massive quantities of treatment can be prepared and that their company is ready to manufacture cells to treat thousands very quickly.

Now, the company is in talks with the regulators in Europe and the United States for the definition of their clinical strategy against the deadly disease.

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