Tourists test COVID-19 positive after travel to the Philippines


Two people tested positive of coronavirus after traveling to the Philippines.

A man in his 30s went back home to Taiwan on March 3 after a 5-day trip to the Philippines with his friends.
The man reportedly had a diarrhea in the Philippines on March 2 and went to a clinic in Taiwan after experiencing a dry throat and tiredness.
The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control then run some tests and confirmed on March 5 that the man has a COVID-19 infection.
He is Taiwan’s 44th confirmed case of the disease.

Meanwhile, a woman in her 60s, who also traveled from the Philippines tested positive for coronavirus disease in Australia.
She returned home from the Philippines on March 3 boarding Cebu Pacific flight 5J39.
Authorities are tracking the other people who flew with the woman.
She is one the 6 new confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country.
Australia has at least 43 confirmed cases and 1 death of COVID-19.

For the time being, the Philippines has no reported cases yet of local transmission.
And since January, the country remains to have recorded only 3 positive cases of the virus, all of which are Chinese nationals who came from Wuhan City.
One of which had died, one recovered and the other one had returned back to China.

Not long ago, the Philippines was complimented by World Health Organization for containing the disease.