Coronavirus can survive on face mask for up to 7 days

woman wearing teal mask and gray turtle-neck shirt/unsplash/michaelamadeus

A new report published in medical journal The Lancet stated that coronavirus can strikingly last on a surgical mask for up to 7 days, showing how crucial it is to properly remove face coverings after wearing them.

One of the researchers of Hong Kong University who conducted the study advised people not to touch the outside of the face masks, which could contaminate the hands.
You should wash your hands immediately after removing them.
If you’re using a reusable covering, it’s better to wash it every after use.

Hand washing, avoiding touching your face and staying home are still at the top of the list to protect yourself from Covid-19.

The research also examined how long the virus lasts on other commonly-touched objects such as bank notes, tissue papers, and clothes.
The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 can stay on stainless steel and plastic surfaces for up to four days.
On printing and tissue paper it lasted less than three hours, while on treated wood and cloth, it disappeared by the second day.

The study also observed that the concentration of the virus on all the studied surfaces reduced quite rapidly over time.
Moreover, the virus died instantly when touched by common household disinfectants, including bleach.

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