Look: List of Filipino Artists who provided help in the midst of COVID-19 crisis


Now that our country is facing a crisis in which all people, whether poor or rich, are affected, there’s no other request from the government but the cooperation and understanding of every citizen.

Thus, there are some local artists who have used their influence to provide help to our fellow Filipino citizens who cannot support their needs.

Here are some of the most popular names that helped our fellow citizens:


1. Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin has always been very helpful. Whenever there are disasters in the country she is one of the very hands-on who gives whatever she can. In fact, she is called a real-life “Darna” by everyone.

During this pandemic, Angel built air-conditioned tents in Taguig and also provided PPE to frontliners.

2. Bela Padilla

Using Twitter, Bela started fundraising for our fellow Filipino who live on the road as well as for drivers who have lost sight of the traffic jam. The funds he raised during this fundraiser amounted to PHP 3.3 Million.

3. Catriona Gray

Catriona’s heart has always been about helping the poor and she has shown this since she was crowned Miss Universe in 2018. Today, she is also a leader in helping her fellow Filipinos. She raised about $ 1Million for families in Smokey Mountain amid the pandemic.

4. Ivana Alawi

Ivana is a large fantasy of the crowd because of her physical beauty. But, she has proven that she’s not just physically attractive but has a heart too. According to one of her posts, she and her family created food packs that they will distribute to our fellow citizens.

5. Pokwang

From the very first declaration of enhanced community quarantine in Luzon, Pokwang has been leading the way in helping our frontliners. She even provided sandwiches that she personally made to the soldiers and police guarding the checkpoints.

6. Maine Mendoza

As one of the most popular artists in the country today, Maine used her influence in a positive way as it also launched a fundraiser for those who are severely affected. Maine’s project aims to provide cash assistance to each family of up to PHP 1,000 for their basic needs.

7. Marian Rivera

Marian, along with her husband Sj Dingdong also hands-on cooking for our frontliners. In an Instagram post of the actress she cooked menudo and Dingdong put them in the box.

8. Kathryn Bernardo

Kathryn Bernardo was low-key sending food and PPEs to hospitals and barangays. She worked behind the scenes, and did what she could to help!

And to the other celebs who are not included in this list, we salute you.

It’s nice to think that no matter how difficult we are today, there are people who somehow lighten our heavy problems. Kudos to all of you and I hope you can help more in the future!


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