Cebu City: Community quarantine against COVID-19 has started to take effect


Cebu City Mayor Edgar Labella placed Cebu under community quarantine, effective Monday, March 16, at 12:01 am.

All residents are advised to stay in their homes under community quarantine, except for required travel such as work, buying groceries, food, or medicines; or going to the hospital.

Today, March 16, some photos of an unusual early Monday morning with loose traffic on some major streets in Metro Cebu are posted on Facebook. This shows that the community quarantine has started to take effect.

Some netizens on social media posted that Cebu City looks like a ghost town.

Seaports in Cebu City are now closed to in-going and outgoing trips, except for cargo.

Health checkpoints are also set up in the entry points of the city’s borders.

Thermal scanning are being done by the Police officers, CCTO and AFP Health Employees on private and public vehicle passengers coming inside Cebu City.

Isopropyl alcohol and face masks were sold out in any pharmacies or groceries in Cebu City yet you can see them being sold online in a very shocking price.

May the God Almighty lead us and offer the wisdom that they need in this situation to our local officials and to all government employees (especially health workers).

Let us pray for those people who are working front line for their protection and safety be it the President, the governors, the mayors and all others not being mentioned who are fighting day and night by making decisions that would benefit us all.