One COVID-19 recovered patient was shocked to receive a total of 1.3 million pesos bill from the hospital


A COVID-19 patient who has recovered from the dangerous coronavirus was surprised to get a big bill from the hospital. The total unexpected amount was P1.3 million.

She was thankful that PhilHealth is responsible for paying the entire fee, and she was happy to be discharged from the hospital. She also has to consider another 2 weeks before she is able to welcome her family and contact them.

Juliet Alunan, the recovered COVID-19 patient, was all smirks when she was completely certified negative for coronavirus, every person that COVID-19 patients would like to hear.

One thing that surprised her the most is the huge hospital bill, which amounts to 1.3 million pesos. She had not expected that it would be so expensive to be admitted for COVID-19.

Based on the ABS-CBN interview, she was grateful that PhilHealth shouldered her medication, taking into account that she had been healed before April 15, the last date PhilHealth would respond to the COVID medication.

The agency then put down their 4-tier coverage after the cited date. Alunan remembered that she had struggled for eight days with nausea, cough, and fatigue before being rushed to the hospital.

She was just thinking about her husband and 3 children at the moment. Gratefully after four days, her condition became normal, and she was finally released from the hospital.


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