3 Food Service Apps to Help Satisfy Your Cravings When Staying in Cebu


With just a few taps on the screen we now have access to hundreds of fresh and delicious restaurants from every kind of cuisine you can think of.

And they’re beginning to get going.


Here are the 3 on-demand food service apps that you must download and try today:



image source: GrabFood facebook page

Since crushing the ride-hailing market, Grab aims to conquer another key to the city’s life — the delivery of food.

The good thing about GrabFood is that you don’t need to add another app.

If you have the Grab app, just update it to the latest version and you can order food right from your couch.

Just like Grab App, GrabFood operates 24/7 in all areas of service.

So rest assured, there’s always a solution for your late night cravings.

Name a particular dish and you can probably order it from GrabFood.


image source: foodpanda facebook page

If you ever see a motorcycle carrying a pink box with a panda’s face plastered to it, then you just spotted a Panda delivery.

One good thing about FoodPanda is that you can order it directly from their website, so you can order your lunch while you’re onyour computer.

They also have exclusive deals for certain restaurants that you can avail of—including free upsize, meal deals and discounts, among others.

Like other food delivery services, they show how long you have to wait for your meals to arrive, as well as which restaurants are still open at a specific time of the day.

They also have special offers for businesses when you order in bulk for meetings and late-night work sessions.


Eatigo is the no. 1 discounted restaurant reservation platform in South East Asia offering real-time discounts of up to 50% off the whole food bill for every restaurant, every day!

No upfront costs, no credit card details, no coupons, nothing – just make your reservation, attend it and your discounts will be automatically applied to your food bill.

Want to learn more about eatigo? Click here.

If you can’t decide, download and try them all so you can compare their services and deals. All of these food apps are free anyway. Happy eating….