Living in Cebu


Cebu is known as Queen of the South with a population of about 3M. And in the future Cebu is seen as a tiny Hong Kong, with many investors and visitors coming in as well.

Cebu is making headway. It is well known among some parts of the Visayas region, and is considered rich among others.

Filipino’s or rather Cebuano’s can understand English language. But not all can really speak fluently.
So if you’re planning to visit Cebu and you’re only able to speak English, then that’s all you need and your good to go.
Just ask and you will never get lost.


So, what is it like to live in Cebu? hmmmmmm

My answer is pretty long since I am writing to see everyone from other countries in particular. Who would like to visit Cebu someday.
I have lived here for nearly three years but still I can’t say that, everything is good. There are some major down side living in Cebu that can cause great impact to its residents.

I am not a tourist guide and the following are just my honest opinions.


Photo by Hitoshi Namura on Unsplash

Philippines has only two seasons: the wet and dry season.
The dry season starts in late November and ends in May. The rainy seasons starts in June and lasts till October.


Photo by Chloe Evans on Unsplash

Cebu inherits or rather adapts some of the Spanish, American, Chinese, and Japanese traditions. 
So, it’s quite different. Accessories, clothing, food and lifestyle are related to values (religion).


Photo by Hitoshi Namura on Unsplash

The main religion is Christianity. Catholics & Protestants make up the majority. 
Some Muslims exists, but the mosque is seldom seen.


Photo by Hitoshi Namura on Unsplash

“Sinulog,” in which Catholics celebrate “Sto.” Nino “describing baby Jesus.
This was introduced and brought by Magellan back then.
This occurs on January month. And not only do you not have Christmas and New Year holidays as well, there’s a fiesta waiting for you.

I don’t go out during this time, because the roads will be blocked. So, going home is going to be difficult. And you have to walk a couple of kilometers to take a jeep / taxi worse you go home-walk.


image source: SunStar Cebu facebook page

This is ONE of the major drawback living today in Cebu. There are already too many cars in the city.
Traffic usually takes place during working hours – from 5:00 PM (even earlier). 
And even going to work / school hours could happen this too. 


Mactan Cebu International Airport

Located in Mactan Island, this airport has two terminals. Terminal 1 and 2.
Terminal 2 has just launched full commercial operations, opening its doors to visitors from around the world.
The new terminal promises to give travelers a world-class airport experience with its eye-catching architecture and revolutionary handling and security systems, making traveling to and from Cebu much more unique.



image source: SM Seaside City Cebu (Official) facebook page

SM Seaside is GIGANTIC! Great place to burn some calories (by walking) or gain some calories (by eating). It is like a little city inside this mall. I heard that it is one of the Top 10 largest malls in the entire world!!
There are a lot of activities you can do here too like skating and bowling. The sky view at the rooftop is awesome too!
If you ever get tired of walking, you can rent the electric bike inside to continue your shopping.


image source: SM City Cebu (Official) facebook page

Standard shopping mall, smaller than SM Seaside.
No high end shops and not really any international shops except for fast food places.
It has a place for travelers to rest and baggage storage at the travelers lounge.
Outside it has a terminal for jeepneys that will go to other parts of the city.


A classy place to shop and dine. Their terraces is so relaxing that alfresco dining is very much wanted (as long as it does not rain). Events are also held here since of its strategic location and also has it’s own PUV terminal.
This is probably the best and busiest mall in Cebu because of its location.


Opened December 2019.
The new mall offers over 200 retail spaces for dining, shopping, wellness, and entertainment.
I have made an article about this mall, you can check here.


image source: Robinsons Galleria Cebu facebook page

There is a good parking space available. Taxi stand is not congested compared to other malls.
There is a mall shuttle available for free. It is a good, relaxing place to eat, chill and shop especially if your traveling by sea as it is near to cebu city seaport.
I really like the Summit Galleria Cebu Hotel that is connected to this mall and loved the fact that is has direct mall access.
This can be your new go-to hotel and mall in Cebu.

Cebu has many malls, such as E-Mall, Jmall, and Gaisano. And, of all malls, the above are somewhat the largest.
Restaurants are lined up so you can really choose Chinese, Korean, American, Italian and even Japanese restaurant.


Lechon de Cebu

Cebu claims to possess the best-roasted pork or lechon in the Philippines.
The dish is quite a popular Cebuanos trademark.
You can buy a whole pig, and have it cut into small bits.

Puso Rice

Rice can’t get more portable than this one.
More commonly known as “hanging rice,” Puso rice is boiled and wrapped in coconut leaves, and in local eateries you will most likely find them hanging.

The coconut leaves provide flavor and serve as a simple package you can take wherever you want.
You can combine the versatile Puso rice with street foods, Lechon, or anything else you can get your hands on.


You’ll find thriving stalls all around the town that serve this street food.
Check out the Siomai sa Tisa restaurant while you are in Cebu for an invitation to Siomai heaven.

The above are just cebuano foods that Cebu offers.
Cebu’s food culture is as vibrant as the Sinulog parade.
Most visitors who visit say the island offers one of the country’s best culinary experiences, and the cebuanos take a lot of pride in that.


Mango Avenue! The center of night life!
You can find numerous bars in Cebu, just like in other countries.
Bars are normally in line, and a nightclub is nearby. Mango Avenue is the name of the road.



image source:

IT Park is where most BPO Company and other outsource companies are based.
BPO companies like Concentrix, Teleperformance, Accenture, JP Morgan. Japan company like Kyocera and NEC and many more.


image source:

Typically such Buildings are BPOs like WiPro and QBE. And you can also find here companies such as LexMark, Insular Life (insurance company), Telepeformance extension.
Today mostly condominiums are also built here. From Ayala Developers group. Seda Hotel owned by Ayala is located here too.


image source: Cebu Daily News

The rain fell in just under an hour. And you already have a semi-flood.
It will take hours for the water to drain completely.
This is caused by debris trapped from the entry point of the canals.


image source: Re/Discover Cebu

Proper disposal of waste has already been introduced and enforced but that is not taken seriously by the majority of us. The law was disregarded.

In Cebu, you will feel accepted of who you are regardless of race, ethnicity, faith and color of your skin.
I tell you frankly Cebuanos are a lot more friendly than any people from other province.
Local people are more hospitable and even if you’re a complete stranger you’ll be accepted.

Cebu, given its down sides, is a nice place to visit and also to stay. 
Religion is merely a part of society. Cebuano’s (in my own observation) is secular. 
They only observed and keep them as part of traditions.
Tourist and even adventurous destination attractions are numerous. 
Usually it comes with a package deal.

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