Dalgona Coffee: Have you tried this internet-famous drink? Here’s how many calories you can get in each serving


Staying at home gives us plenty of chances to try something new, so people were quick to try it out for themselves when the Dalgona coffee started to trend online. It’s really easy to make the internet-famous drink because it only requires three simple ingredients: instant coffee, white sugar, and water. Whipped together to create a froth. It resembles a Korean candy named Dalgona, which is why many people began calling it with the same name.

You can drink it alone or pour it over milk.

Although it has only three ingredients, a serving of Dalgona coffee apparently has about 374kcal, according to a post made by the Philippine Association of Nutrition – Delta Chapter.

Philippine Association of Nutrition – Delta Chapter further explained that the count of 374 calories is based on one serving equivalent to 1 1/3 cup. Depending on the ingredients used the calorie count may also vary. The particular recipe based on this calorie count was the following amount of ingredients used: two tbsp of instant coffee, two tbsp of white sugar and one cup of fresh milk.

Check the breakdown of the Nutrition Facts from Philippine Association of Nutrition – Delta Chapter Facebook page post.