Good News! You Can Now Send Money to Your Loved Ones Without Going Out of Your Home


Do your part in practicing social distancing.
Send money, deposit checks, pay your bills and taxes and more, right at the comfort of your home.

This is made possible by one of the biggest banks in the Philippines, Union Bank of the Philippines (UBP), in partnership with Cebuanna Lhullier, LBC, PeraHub and DragonPlay.
Palawan Pawnshop will be onboarded soon.

No Union Bank account?
No problem!
Just download the Union Bank Online App and open an account digitally.
Once account is generated, you can now access the many useful features of the UBP app.

You may download the app here:

App Store and Google Play:

Huawei App Store:

You may fund it via Instapay or GCash.
As easy as that you can now send money to your loved ones at the tip of your fingers!

Stay safe by staying and banking at home!


1. Are there notifications when I have a successful transaction?

Yes, the sender will be notified In-App and through email for the transaction made and if Cash is ready for pick up.
The recipient will receive an SMS if Cash is ready for pick up at the chosen remittance center.

2. Can I withdraw my own money using Remittance Centers?

Yes. You would need to put your own details on the Recipient info.

3. Do you have other partners besides Cebuana, LBC, and PeraHub?

We are working on adding other remittance, payment, and fintech companies.

4. As a Sender can I remit without a UB Online App?

No. You would need the UB Online app to send to remittance centers.
As a Recipient/Beneficiary, there is no need to have the UB Online app.
You just need to show Valid ID and Reference code to the partner remittance center.

5. Why are my funds not yet ready for withdrawal/cash pick-up when I did my transaction?

Please note that we process transactions at 1pm on every banking day.
After the 1pm cutoff, this will be processed on the next banking day.
There is no processing during weekends and holidays.

6. Can I cancel my transaction?

Yes. There are 3 ways to cancel your transaction.

  1. Via UB Online App when the status of the transaction is still “Processing”
  2. Wait for the 30-day expiration of the transaction
  3. Request for cancellation of transaction by giving the following information:
    1. Recipient Name and Mobile number
    2. Sender UB Account No.
    3. Reference No.

Note: That Fund + Service fee will be credited back to the Sender for PeraHub and Cebuana Lhuillier. For LBC, only the Fund amount will be returned if the transaction status is for pick-up or already expired.

7. How many days will it take to credit back my money from a transaction I canceled?

It takes 3-5 banking days to credit back funds to your account

8. I made a mistake with the recipient and the cash was claimed. Can UB get my money back?

Based on the Terms and Conditions you agreed, UB is not liable for wrong information and errors inputted that cause you losses.

9. Why are there different fees per partner?

We follow the standard fee of our partner based on the commercial agreement. (Please refer to the Fee table)

10. Is there a Sender Limit? Is there a Recipient Limit?

SENDER: There is no limit for the Sender to use Cash Out via Remittance Center. He/She can send to multiple recipient/beneficiary

RECIPIENT: A recipient can only receive and claim Php20,000 per day.
This resets the next day to be able to claim again.

11. What will I do if the Remittance center chosen is offline, has no cash, or can’t process the transaction?

Please try the next branch nearest to you. Please report to our Customer Engagement Center the Name and Location of the Branch.

  • Email:
  • Hotline: (+632) 8841-8600

12. Who is DragonPay? Why is there “powered by Dragonpay”?

Dragonpay is our partner that enables us to inter-connect with Cebuana, LBC, and PeraHub to send money from a UnionBank account to these remittance centers.

LBC Express Service Fee

– Maximum withdrawal per day is at P20,000

PeraHub Service Fee

– Maximum withdrawal per day is at P20,000- PeraHub 10,000 per transaction

Cebuana Lhuillier Service Fee

– Maximum withdrawal per day is at P20,000


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