Shows that we used to watch on Cable TV that are now available online


Can you still remember the times when you were going to get home from school and turn on the television to watch shows through cable subscription? Those were the days when streaming services online were still not a thing. Things have leveled up now though. With a proper internet connection, by streaming them, we can now watch unlimited shows even on our phones anytime anywhere.

A few of the shows that we used to catch on cable TV at certain airings are now available on different streaming sites, such as Viu or Netflix. Put those shows on again if you’re up for a walk down memory lane.


The Heirs

Stream it on Viu (titled The Heirs), Netflix (titled Inheritors)

A lot of enthusiasts for K-drama probably fell into the black hole of K-drama through the Korean dramas being aired on cable TV. The Heirs is one such show that featured the love story of a chaebol son and a hardworking student, played respectively by Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye.

The Heirs Korean Drama Promo | Latest K Drama | Korean Web Series | Viu India

Totally Spies

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This was one of the shows that were teaching us about girl power at first. A high school girl trio leading double lives as spies, casually owning laser lipsticks and stylishly saving the world. We wish we were as they were! Whether you’re the brainy, the tomboy, or the maarte, it didn’t matter, these fictional ladies taught a generation that they can be exactly who they are and still kick ass.


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For many reasons, Glee was truly popular among students. It’s one of the few shows back then that made the uncool kids cool and the actual high school kids showed almost true-to-life experiences. Also, the recreations and song covers are a huge plus.

The Family We Make | GLEE

Vampire Diaries

Stream it on Netflix

Back when vampires were an enormous thing in youth culture thanks to the Twilight movies, Vampire Diaries was the TV series version of attractive blood-suckers that caught people’s attention.

The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Trailer

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Stream it on Netflix

Avatar The Last Airbender Netflix 2020 Announcement Breakdown and Easter Eggs

Long ago the four nations lived in harmony together. Then, when the Fire Nation attacked, everything changed. You probably read that, in Katara’s voice, did you not? Then you have probably mastered the rest of the lines too. hahahha


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Naruto’s … how to put it? Splendid, glorious and entertaining. In the way it presents itself, it’s almost perfect.  The characters are beautifully portrayed and inspiring. The fight scenes are breathtaking and clean overall. The drama here is very moving and emotional. The jokes are well executed but overdone at times. 

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