How to Save Money During A Pandemic


Enhanced community quarantine are now strictly implemented.
Some of us are lucky enough to have a work-from-home set up but some are unfortunate to have no work no pay job.
However, whether you belong to the group of the former or the latter, it is essential to save what you have now to prepare ourselves for unexpected challenge to come.

Here are quick and easy ways to cut costs and save for rainy days.

1. Cut Costs on Food

While Food Delivery Services continue to operate despite the lock down, it’s so tempting to scroll the apps and avail their free delivery services.
However, it still goes without saying that home cooking saves you a few pennies.
Save money by cooking meals at home and ordering the ingredients from local small businesses in your neighborhood.
Through this, you can save money without leaving small businesses behind.

2. Get Free Fitness

If you’re a gym goer, one way to save money is to cancel your gym subscription for now and opt for a free exercise in the comfort of your home.
Try doing it with the whole family every morning and strengthen that family bond.

3. Stay Home to Help Contain the Virus and Save Fuel Costs

Respect social distancing and stay-at-home orders to cut costs on fuel and help your family and the whole community especially the front liners prevent the spread of the deadly virus.
Try going to the groceries twice a month only.

4. Be Energy Efficient

Our situation right now is the best time to save energy.
Try switching to LED bulbs, dropping the thermostat a couple of degree before going to bed and running full loads of laundry.
Simple changes like these can save you bucks over a span of a year.

5. Make Your Own Discounts

Don’t wait for stores or people to offer you deals — create your own.
For instance, call your cable company for a cheaper but good deal.
If you’re renting try to make negotiations with your landlord if she/he can give you rental discount during this pandemic.
All you need to do is find areas that you can save money and then negotiate.

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