Grocery stores are limiting some purchases amid COVID-19 panic buying


In order to ensure stable prices and availability of essential and important goods, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has set a limit on the quantity of basic goods that consumers can buy.

The memorandum mandates retailers to sell and shoppers to buy basic items and specific products only at the quantity set by DTI, which would only be enough for a maximum of seven days to meet their needs.

Pictures of people panic buying toilet paper, alcohol, face masks and other cleaning products made online in the midst of confirmed cases in the country.

These posts have led some personalities to advise others against making these bulk buying.

To those who really needed the most supplies, such as health care professionals and the less fortunate, stocks of such items could ultimately run out.

Supermarkets instead posted signs restricting the amount of items that consumers can purchase to prevent shortage and in pursuant to DTI Memorandum, pictures of which are posted and shared online.