How to Have the best Romantic Video Date

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When you think about dating, you might imagine meeting up at your favorite restaurant for coffee or eating a delicious meal. Times do change, because of quarantine amid COVID-19. Not being able to meet in person with someone doesn’t mean you can’t go on a date. Video dates are a fun way to spend time with your romantic partner, whether you are just getting to know each other or have long been together.


Plan your date

1. Choose a video calling platform which you both use

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You have a ton of possible options to do a video date. Talk to your partner about the apps. Then, choose one that you both like. Here are a few opinions:

  • If you both have iPhones, use FaceTime.
  • If you both use Facebook, try the Facebook Messenger.
  • Pick Skype for an easy, free Screen Sharing option.
  • Use Zoom if you are more comfortable using its video meeting function, which also allows the sharing of screens.

2. Plan your date ahead of time so it feels like an event.

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Part of the fun of dating is anticipation building. Plan your date beforehand, so that you can look forward to it. Arrange the time and day you and your date work for.

  • You could, for example , set a Friday date at 7:00 p.m.
  • Be specific about timing and location. Don’t just say, “What about some time this weekend?”

3. Charge your device so that it won’t die over the date.

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You don’t want to crash your phone, tablet or computer in the middle of your date. Before you start your date, make sure your battery is full and monitor your charge, so you can tell your date if you need to sign off.

4. If you are uncomfortable with them recording the call, tell your date.

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Many video calling platforms enable you to film the call. You may prefer not to record your date so please discuss your preferences in advance. Ask your date if they’re ok with you recording the video call if you want to.

  • For example, during the call you and your date may be talking about past relationships or subjects related to your sexuality. Due to privacy concerns you may not want a video recording of this conversation.
  • Even if you have agreed not to record it, treat the date as it is being recorded, just in case.

5. Send flirty messages if you are in a relationship, to build anticipation.

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Before your date, send your partner a text or email about your excitement over the date. Tell your date how much you would like to see them, and give them some hints about what you might wear. Consider sending them a suggestive pic, if you feel ready.

Looking Your Best

1. Dress up nicely, especially if it’s a new relationship.

For a video date, dressing up may not seem important but it helps make the occasion feel special. Choose an outfit that will make you feel really good about yourself. Additionally, style your hair and if you wear it, consider applying makeup.

2. Choose a well-lit area

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You’re obviously looking to impress your date and good lighting will make you look your best. If you can, find a place in your home that gets good natural lighting, like next to a big window. Otherwise, pick a place with bright overhead lighting.

3. Arrange the area you are filming in so that it looks good.

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That may not matter if you have been in a relationship for a while, but you may want the first impression of your home from a new partner to be a good one. Your date would definitely search your history to see what your home is like. Tidy the area up so your date won’t be distracted. Then position your items in such a way that they present you as you like.

  • Consider the story about you which your space tells. You may arrange to show off your hobbies or interests at your place. Alternatively, you could choose an area with a bare wall to keep your date focused on you.

4. Place your camera in an angle that flatters.

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You ‘re probably aware that some camera angles make you look amazing while others are unflattering. Play your camera around to see which angle makes you look the most attractive. Create a test video to see how your date would look like.

5. Do a practice call or video test before your first date.

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While this is optional, a test call or video can help you ensure you look your best on your date. Call a friend, and ask them what they think of your date and how it looks like your background. Alternatively, film yourself to get a feel for what your date is going to see.

When to interact on your date

1. Look into the camera when you are talking instead of watching the video

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If you’re on a video call it’s hard to make an eye contact. Your eyes will naturally go to the video of yourself or your date. Look straight at the camera when you speak so it looks like you’re making eye contact.

2. Be yourself, instead of just pretending to be perfect.

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You probably want to impress your date but you’re not trying to be someone you’re not. You’re interested in your date so show them who you really are. Be frank about what you want, how you spend your time in a relationship and what you desire. Also don’t bother using filters or angling to make yourself look different.

3. If you have just started dating, try to limit your fidgeting.

Fidgeting can be distracting, especially during a video call. Plus, your date might see fidgeting as a sign of being nervous. Be mindful of your actions, and try to stay as quiet as possible.

4. Keep your opinions positive if you’re still getting to know each other.

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Right now you might be really stressed or worried and that’s okay. Try not to share those sentiments with someone you just met. Instead, try to focus on the good things that happen in your life. This helps you to end your date with a positive note.

5. Prepare questions for a first date in case there is uncomfortable silence.

Having an awkward silence during a date is completely normal but they may be more noticeable during a video chat. Luckily by asking a question you can quickly overcome those awkward moments. Make a list of questions pertaining to the interests of your date, pop culture or current events. Also, you could ask basic questions about background and personality.

Making Your Date Fun

1. Have a drink together for a romantic first date.

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You probably have come across a potential love match to grab a coffee or enjoy a happy hour. Why not recreate the fun, easy date through video chat? During your video chat, arrange to share a drink, and treat it like a date in person. Make your drink ahead of time and agree to end your dates soon after each drink is over.

2. If you want a conventional date, share a meal together.

If you can’t go out together, eat together on a video chat. Prepare a home-made meal or order a take-out. As you eat together, talk about what’s going on in your life, ask each other questions, and have a good time.

2. Take a round of 20 questions to get to know each other better.

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Video dates are a great opportunity to build a deeper relationship with someone. Asking each other’s questions is a convenient , easy way to learn more about them so you can get closer. Write down your list of questions in advance of your date. Then take turns asking and answering your questions.

3. Watch and speak to a movie if you’re in the mood for a film.

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Choose a movie that interests you both, then start it at the same time. Share your reactions to the movie as you would if you were sitting together. After the film, spend 15-30 minutes talking about it.

  • Try a streaming site for synchronized video to help you enjoy your movie together. For example, TwoSeven and Metastream work with most streaming services and let you start your movie at exactly the same time. If you are using Netflix, try the Netflix Party for an easy, convenient option.
  • You may prefer to turn off your video call during the film itself. You can start your date, for example, with a short video call of 10-15 minutes, then move to text during the film. You could go back to video chat for another 15-30 minutes after the film so you can discuss the film.

4. Consider stargazing, if you want a late-night romantic date.

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Looking up at the stars in a video chat is very romantic and is easy to do.Lay out a blanket in your yard or pick a cozy spot on your balcony or near a window, or in your car, schedule your date after dark. To help you locate planets, stars, and constellations, open a star-looking window.

5. Play a game online for a fun, interactive date.

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A game night is an idea of a fun date which is easy online to do. If it’s an online game or a board game, select a game you can play with 2-players.


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