Kathryn Bernardo Reacts to Mean Comments


Kathryn Bernardo, who recently made headlines for speaking up against the ABS-CBN shutdown, has released another reaction video to mean comments about her.

Five years ago, the actress made the same video content but at that time it was with a prestigious magazine company.

Back and even better than ever, the Phenomenal Box Office Queen dared to respond to her haters once more—this time, through her very own YouTube channel, Everyday Kath.

She said that the new video is an upgraded version of the challenge.

Though the video comes days after she spoke up about the issue of the ABS-CBN shutdown, she stated in the clip’s description that it was recorded before the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine was imposed earlier this March.

In the video, she read hate comments which attacked pretty much everything about her.
But the actress remained upbeat while combing through a new list of mean comments.

Among the comments thrown at her were her acting skills, looks and attitude.

She also received a few brutal remarks attacking her by calling her “sakang,” which pertains to her being bowlegged.

Upon reading it, Bernardo exclaimed that she had been anticipating the remark on her legs not being straight.

“Yes, it’s not straight. Parang parentheses, ‘yun ‘yung sinasabi nila. Pero parte siya ng pagkatao ko.”Bernardo said.

The actress admitted that her legs were one of her deep insecurities throughout her younger years.

But the actress has now learned to accept them and not be bothered.

Bernardo learned to brush off petty comments and to feel more secure of herself – especially when it comes to her physical appearance.

She also pointed out that it was her boyfriend Daniel Padilla who helped her overcome her insecurity over her legs.
Kathryn then said that she and Padilla love her legs despite her condition.

Reacting to a commenter who pointed out that her legs weren’t perfect, Kathryn said: “Hello, ‘di naman ako makukulong sa pagka-sakang ko (my bowleggedness won’t send me to jail). I love my legs!”

“Come on, you [can] kiss my f*cking legs,” the actress joked.

Bernardo then advised those who dislike her and other celebrities to simply mute them on social media. On the other hand, she also thanked her fans for their continuous support and love.

Read the full video here:

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