Luis “Lucky” Manzano calls for a pantawid donation


Luis Manzano has provided advice for everyone to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 or covid-19.
For the actor it is necessary to take care of everything and be responsible for everything that is done. “We always wash our hands, about twenty seconds. We use water, soap, alcohol or alcohol-based rubs. Let’s really use it with our hands. Let’s make sure we clean our hands whole. When you sneeze, either cover them up or cough at your elbows or go down so that other people don’t feel like they are picking you up or coughing, ”asks Luis.

For the actor, the social or physical distancing that is to be practiced in the country should be intensified. “Our distance from other people is about three feet. That is, in the event that you are sneezing or coughing, they are somehow far away. And also if they will sneeze or cough, you’re a bit far. At any rate, you are safer, ”the young man added.

Luis also called on members of the family to continue to provide assistance or donations to covid-19 victims. “We help many who are affected by covid-19. They need donation and love. So to all of us, stay strong, stay healthy, stay one step ahead of covid-19. God bless, ”the actor concluded.