What Celebrities Are Doing While On Community Quarantine


No one is exempted with the current situation that the world is facing right now.
Celebrities, wealthy businessmen and poor normal people are all affected.
As Luzon being put on an enhanced community quarantine, Television networks have put their production and tapings on hold to cooperate with the government’s effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus disease.
Despite being quarantined at home, celebrities remain active in social medias to give entertainment and inspiration posts to their fans and loved ones.

Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda is dancing his heart out as part of his daily quarantine workout.
On the video, the It’s Showtime host dances in an exaggerated steps and speed with real funny facial expressions.

He then took a video of his friends who were seriously doing their workout at the host’s house.

Kim Chiu

Kim Chiu did her 1,000 jumps challenge.
The chinita princess does different workout every single day of the quarantine period.

Later that day, she saw a Youtube live video of a certain Christian Church pastor and she did listen for the first time as her post said.

Ellen Adarna

Ellen Adarna who have just recently returned to social media life is having the best time under the sun with her best friend, furniture designer, Vito Selma.
As to the view, it is obvious that the actress is staying in one of the resorts of Cebu.

Meanwhile, her post about plucking out the moringa leaves from the stem one by one due to boredom gained a lot of reactions from netizens.
Others even copied what the actress did to also ease their boredom.
The actress called it a meditation training.

Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin, one of the deserving recipients of Heroes of Philanthropy award by Forbes Asia, always opens her heart for the needy in times like this.
The actress took a photo of her day with her friends and helpers who also helped her packing necessities for the poor and medical staff.

The actress also posted a shout out to the company who have extended some help.
Indeed, an angel.


Another angel from the name of Pokwang.
Mamang, as fondly called by many, is one of those celebrities who always willing to extend their helping hands to the needy.
Here, she made sandwiches which she later distributed to the police, armies and medical staff on duties.

She also posted a photo where she’s happily washing huge pans which will she use to cook for the poor as requested by her priest friend.

KC Concepcion

KC Concepcion finally got the chance to do a chore that she last did when she was just eight years old.
And that’s watering the plants.

Aside from watering the plants, she’s also enjoying making YouTube videos, cooking and cleaning.

Heart Evangelista

As the wife of the governor of Sorsogon, Heart is extending her help as much as she can to her husband’s constituents.

On the other hand, as a fur mom, she personally does the grooming of her fur babies nowadays.
Lucky doggies!


Karylle, is one of the unfortunate celebrities who were unable to celebrate their birthdays with their loved ones due to the pandemic.
But thanks to social media, friends and family were able to send their greetings and love just like her mom Zsa Zsa Padilla.

On her birthday, she just posted throwback photos with her loved ones on her IG stories.

Nadine Lustre

Meanwhile, Nadine Lustre keeps on posting reminders on her Instagram account on how to avoid the coronavirus disease.

If she’s not busy, she spends cuddle time with her doggy.

Solenn Heusaff

As artistic as she is, Solenn, aside from attending to her newly born daughter, uses her quarantine time to be as creative as possible.
In this photo, she recalled her childhood days when she used to make dresses out of plastics and papers.

On the previous day, she posted DIY jars she made herself.