Bea Alonzo is having a hard time staying indoors!


Bea Alonzo’s family is currently in Zambales while the actress is in Manila.

According to the actress, her loved once are stucked in the province because of the quarantine. “The lockdown here in Metro Manila caught me. My whole family is in Zambales. I also couldn’t help but worry. I call them every day. It’s okay to have internet and video calls. That’s good help, I have some friends here, too, ”Bea shared.

The actress admitted that she is actually not used to not working. “I have a hard time staying indoors since I am used to being outside and tapping. I’m just doing a daily routine, I’m exercising and cooking because I love to cook, too, ”she said.

Bea hopes that we will also be able to overcome the hardships that the world is experiencing today because of the dangers of coronavirus disease 2019 or covid-19.

“The amount of crises we have faced before, the problems we have overcome and the problems we have overcome. it’s just like that. I think that’s what families are really like, really helping each other out. fight coronavirus with love and kindness, ”the actress concluded.