Health workers had all this to wear to prevent being infected with Covid-19


The Corona virus has been infecting a number of countries around the world since these last few days.
Thousands of people got infected in a short period of time.
Knowing that the sick individual has absorbed it through the droplets.

Health-care staff play a vital role in the battle against coronavirus.
They are the most at risk of contracting the virus but many suspect they lack protective clothing and procedures to keep themselves and their patients safe.

A Facebook page recently shared a video of one healthcare worker who struggles to wear his protective gear before returning to his patient.

In the video we can see the different sets of protective gear that he wears. Four white coat coats, four sets of gloves, including face-mask and several more. It sounds uncomfortable but to do their work they try to bear it.

President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his appreciation to all frontliners who continue to work to provide vital services as the country battles coronavirus disease.

Duterte, in a video message, thanked all the health care workers in the country.

Earlier, Duterte put the Philippines under a state of public health emergency and later a state of calamity to provide enough leeway for the government to access emergency funds to respond to the pandemic.

More than a week after Luzon, the most populated island in the Philippines, was put under a lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19 that had infected 707 people in the country as of 26 March 2020 afternoon, the president would get additional powers.