Household Objects And Furniture You Can Use As Exercise Equipment


Now more than ever is the best time to not be sedentary and do some workouts to boost your immune system.
And having no gym equipment at home shouldn’t stop you from getting your sweat on.
In fact, working out doesn’t require buying a lot of fancy equipment.
If you only use your imagination you can start leading an active life without going broke.
There are plenty of items around you that can be gym equipment alternatives.

Laundry Detergent Bottles
Laundry detergent bottles are good dumbbell substitutes.
Grab one in each hand, and get those bicep curls going.

Water Bottles
You can use water bottles for some lighter weights workout too.
Or, during a plank, you can use steel water bottles under you hands for an added stability challenge.

Paper Plates
Paper plates can be used as glider discs.
All you need to do is to find a smooth surface and make lunges.
Make it more difficult by putting your front foot on a paper before doing a forward lunge.
Slide the paper plate forward across the floor before sliding it back again as you return to the starting position.
The sliding motion is challenging so be sure to take it slow and steady.

A Rope
Got a random rope lying around?
Put it to use by using it as a loop the same way you would a resistance band and cycle through this abs and back workout.
You can also play the jumping rope game with the whole family.
You get to sweat out and at the same time bond with your family.

A Towel
Looking for another leg challenge?
Get your towel and on a smooth floor assume the plank position with a small towel under each of your feet.
Then, slowly try gliding your legs apart and then back together again.

Simply fill a sturdy backpack with books, canned goods or anything with weight.
Strap it on your back and wear it around your house while doing chores.
You can also add it to your body weight exercises such as squats, lunges and push ups.

Chairs can be used for a lot of exercises.
By using only a simple dining room chair, you can get a full-body workout.
Try tricep dips, raised push-ups, jumping jacks, leg raises and single-leg squats.

Stairs and Laundry Basket
If you have a set of stairs in your house, you are lucky!
Stairs can be used as a raised platform for conditioning workout.
Did you know that just 30 minutes of walking up and down the stairs burns 175 calories?
To make it more challenging, try loading up a laundry basket with clothes when you hike up and down to create a cardio workout with weights.
You can also use the second step for jumping up and down.

A Wall
Yes, a wall.
Any wall.
Tone your legs and core by performing a wall sit.
Stand with your back towards the wall and feet shoulder-width apart.
Then sit down on a squat and hold for a minute.

A Counter-top
Strengthen your arms and chest by practicing several sets of countertop push-ups while waiting for water to boil or the oven to pre-heat.

Your Body
Your body is the most precious gym equipment.
Use your body weight for all types of strengthening and toning exercises like yoga, pilates and kickboxing or doing household chores at home.

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