Have pharmacies and supermarkets become super-spreading vectors for viruses?

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Experts say that people should avoid crowded places because of the coronavirus but how do you deal with grocery shopping?

At the grocery store there are too much to touch and grab like shopping carts, fridge door handles, cardboard boxes and plastic packaging.

To shoppers, these surfaces are almost unavoidable. But in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic they also bear a certain amount of risk, bringing urgency to a troubling question: have pharmacies and supermarkets become super-spreading vectors for viruses?

Such stores are among the only places left where citizens are able to meet, and these days they still get so many shoppers that their shelves are emptied.

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A recent study by New England Journal of Medicine says that people can infected with the virus by air and after touching contaminated objects. See link: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc2004973

The study also noted the virus ‘half-life, or rate of decay, on different materials. This is the time it took half the sample of the virus to die.

The bigger concern about these shops, experts claim, is transmission from person to person, and being around too many people who may carry the virus.

Services for grocery and meal delivery see massive increases in these days.

Such stores and pharmacies have stepped up cleaning efforts and promoted customer social distance to reduce the risk of disease spreading. In reality, however, such measures can vary greatly between enterprises, with some appearing to be doing business as normal, mostly because their customers do not take their own precautions.

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