Cebu Then And Now


A lot of people in Cebu nowadays are complaining about the current situation of the city.
Number one that stresses people out is the congested road.
But have you ever wondered what was Cebu then?
Before all these crimes, tall buildings and crazy traffics, what was Cebu like?
Here are few things I have gathered through my research.

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Magellan’s Cross

Magellan’s cross is one of the most visited tourist spots in Cebu.
It is the sign of the first Catholicism in the city brought by the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan.
It is housed inside a chapel next to the Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino.

Image Source: Old Cebu Facebook

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral is a religious structure of Spanish Colonial design built in 1835.
It is one of the important representations of Catholicism in the province.
Now, it is a famous wedding destination in the city.

Image Source: Cebu Then and Now Facebook

Mango Avenue

Mango Avenue is one of the busiest streets in Cebu as of these days.
But did you know that it is called as such because of what it was before?
Yes, Mango Avenue was full of mango trees contrasting to what it is now.
Today, it is one of the famous entertainment destinations in the city full of nightclubs, disco bars, restaurants and hotels.

Image Source: Old Cebu Facebook

Fuente Osmena Circle

Fuente Osmena Circle is a small rotunda park in the heart of the city.
It is built in honor of the late President Sergio Osmeña, the fourth president of the Republic of the Philippines.
In normal days, you can see people jogging around and some just chilling.
However, it gets a highlight during Sinulog time as it is one of the venues for concerts and other huge events.

Old Cebu Railroad Now EMall

Cebu once had a train.
The Central Main Station was once in the location of Development Bank of the Philippines until the Cebu City Medical Center.
It stopped its operation because of the war.
It was heavily damaged due to bombings and was beyond restoration.
After the war, bus companies pressured the government to cease train’s operation since it was their biggest competition.

Image Source: Old Cebu Facebook
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Sto Nino Church

Basilica Minore Del Sto Nino is the oldest Roman Catholic Church established in the Philippines.
It is the home of the original and oldest religious relic in the country in honor to the holy child and to whom Sinulog Festival is dedicated to.

Image Source: Adoy Alerta Facebook

SM City Cebu

SM City is one of the largest shopping malls and entertainment in the country.
It opened its first branch in Cebu in 1965.
Now the giant mall has already built 3 malls in the province, SM City Cebu, SM Seaside and SM Consolacion.

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Cebu IT Park

Cebu IT Park is formerly known as Asiatown IT Park.
It is an IT economic zone and a modern trading hub in the city.
It is also one of the popular dining destinations in the city because it houses the weekend food market known as Sugbo Mercado.
Before IT Park, the place was once an airport.

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