Another disaster will come after the COVID-19 outbreak according to Quiboloy

image source: Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy / Facebook page

Controversial Apollo Carreón Quiboloy, the founder and current leader of the Restorationist Church in the Philippines called the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, has been involved in a number of crimes and arrests. Apart from this, his claim that he was “The Appointed Son of God” made him one of the most talked-about topics on social media.

Quiboloy was no stranger to the public at all, who would easily even forget someone who would declare that apart from being named by the Almighty, he is now the “Owner of the Universe”?

A warning regarding another tragedy he had foreseen days after the COVID-19 outbreak was issued by the self-proclaimed named son of God.

The pastor said the vision he had was a massive earthquake that struck the Philippines and would kill a lot of people.

Quiboloy also added that he now prays to God and begs Him to put a stop to his prediction. He also urged the people to repent and “return to Heaven” as this is the only way to avoid “the second tragedy.”

image source: Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy / Facebook Page

“The second wave will be deadlier and more devastating and it won’t stop. You will be seeing the end of the world, the end of the world system, the end of the world economics, the end of the world’s power.” Quiboloy stated last April 13.

“All of you will go down to your knees to know that life and death is not in your hands, it is in the hands of God. And that is when you know that He is the greatest, that He should be praised, that He should be respected, and that He should be honored and glorified.

“Don’t wait for that. We might still be able to stem this tide of the pandemic, and the only thing that you can do is REPENTANCE. Listen to my voice today. You might still find forgiveness in the heart of God.” Quiboloy added.

Do you believe that Quiboloy’s words might be true?


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