10 Hidden Gems in Cebu


Cebu is known to be one of the famous tourist and business destinations in Asia.
The clear waters and pristine beaches that this Queen City of the South offers have made beach and adventure lovers revisit the island.
Its fast-growing economy has been making investors excited to put up as well.
Indeed, Cebu is an all in one island for both relaxation and investment.

But not known to many, Cebu still has a lot to offer.
Here are a number of fantastic places that are not familiar to almost everyone.

  1. Kabang Falls

Cebu is known to having a number of waterfalls.
A lot of people think that you need to travel far from the city in order to see one.
Not true.
Kabang Falls is located in Barangay Talamban which is just in the city.
You need to trek for 40 minutes though and go through rivers, boulders, grasses and trees until you reach the falls but just keep going because the coolness of the water there will give you a sweet refuge after.

2. Zip-away Medellin

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Looking for a heart-pounding adventure?
Zip-away Medellin in Northern Cebu will certainly make your heart pound.
It offers zip line that takes you from one hill to another and Tarzan Jump which is a giant swing with a platform to stand on while you hold on as you’re rocked back and forth.
Cable cars are also offered for the less adventurous heart.

3. Carnaza Island, Daanbantayan

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Exhausted with the hustle and bustle of the city life?
Carnaza Island in Daanbantayan is the best for you.
It’s 5-7 hours from the City of Cebu but it will all be worth it when you arrived.
Its picturesque hills, clear and cool waters, verdant greenery and tasty seafood would make you not want to go back to the real life.
This secluded island is not yet known to many so enjoy the island as much as you can.

4. Casino Peak, Dalaguete

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Dubbed as the Chocolate Hills of Cebu, the wondrous scenery when you reach the summit will make you forget all your life’s struggles and challenges.
Up there you can also see a panoramic view of Badian and the neighboring island, Negros.

5. JVR Island in the Sky

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CEBU IN FOCUS: Feel the cool breeze and witness the foggy, lush green scenery at the 'JVR Island in the Sky Resort' in Brgy. Gaas, Balamban, Cebu. 🍃🌲🌞 – 👉🏻 FULL details: http://sugbo.ph/2017/jvr-island-in-the-sky-cebu/ – 📌 Rates: • Entrance: ₱50 (Adult) / ₱25 (Children) • Open Cottages: ₱350 per day • Cable Car: ₱150 per head • Swimming Pool: ₱50 per head – • FAMILY ROOMS – Good for 4 pax – ₱2,500 per night (Ivory) – • BARKDA ROOM 1 – Good for 5 pax – ₱4,500 per night (Nala & Simba) – • BARKDA ROOM 2 – Good for 8 pax – ₱6,500 per night – 👉🏻 For the COMPLETE details on how to get there, room pictures, contact numbers and other information, head on to http://sugbo.ph/2017/jvr-island-in-the-sky-cebu/ – 📌 How to get there? – ▶️ PUBLIC: Take a V-hire from the Ayala Center Terminal going to Balamban via Transcentral highway route. Fare is P120 per person (one-way). Inform the driver to drop you off at JVR Island in the Sky (just a few meters ahead of Adventure Cafe). – ▶️ PRIVATE: Parking space available. Just search for ‘JVR Island in the Sky’ in Gaas Balamban, Transcentral Highway via Waze or Google Maps. – ▶️ If you want a hassle-free trip, or book an uphill tour (9 destinations in 1 day) for only P999 per head, book with our trusted travel partner – SquadPH Tours and Travels. – ⚠️ BE A RESPONSIBLE LAAGAN (bit.ly/ResponsibleLaagan) ⚠️ – 👉🏻 Check out exciting and good read features on everything about Cebu at http://sugbo.ph/ – 👉🏻 Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/c/SugboPH – #ExperienceCebu #SugboPH – 📷 Photos by John Venth

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This island in the sky is a quick escape for the busy professionals that couldn’t fit in an ample amount of time for rest and recreation.
Located in Balamban Cebu which is just an hour drive from the city, visitors can enjoy the clean breeze, peaceful environment, pastoral view and some few adventures to add a little fun to your respite.

6. Mt. Kan-irag Cebu City

Mt. Kan-irag is the most favorite hiking and camping site in the city.
Only a few walks from the famous Sirao Garden, you can enjoy the fresh mountain breeze and awe-inspiring panorama.

7. Mainit Hot Spring in Malabuyoc

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Cebu is not only famous of it’s beautiful and unspoiled waterfalls, it also has several hot springs to boast for.
Just like the Mainit Hot Spring in Malabuyoc Cebu which is beautifully nestled in the middle of a jungle, visitors will enjoy the naturally therapeutic waters of the spring as well as the beauty and peacefulness of the surrounding.

8. Dao Waterfall Trek

Dao Waterfalls is located in Samboan Cebu.
It is a unique waterfall that will only require you to trek for a few minutes.
It has a spiral-like limestone wall and a turquoise catch pool.
The trek will not really give you a hard time but you will surely get astounded by the views.
Unlike other waterfalls, Dao Falls has it’s own calm way of pouring its water down.

9. Ponong Hidden Lake

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Aside from its famous waterfalls, another reason to visit Samboan Cebu is its Ponong Lake.
It is actually not a lake but a type of closed lagoon settled behind the beautiful mangrove trees.
The lagoon has a brackish water and has a high concentration of saltwater making it prohibited for swimming.
Despite that, you would still enjoy the nice view of the trees and the birds flying around the area.
You can also ride a bamboo raft for a more fun visit.

10. Capitancillo Islet in Bogo City

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THE GORGEOUS CAPITANCILLO ISLAND. According to history, the islet derives it's name from notable AMERICAN NAVY " CAPTAIN CILLO". During the second world war beached his vessels heading to this isolated yet, a refreshing islet. Capitancillo in the beautiful island of Bogo City in Cebu. It is a tropical island paradise, where you can find an old lighthouse and a rich marine life that surrounds the islet. Its rich marine diversity is inviting for snorkeling and diving enthusiast. Capitancillo is a six hectare coral line islet found between Cebu and Leyte. It is under the local government of Bogo citys’ watch. It is 10km southeast of Bogo and 100kms north from Mactan island. At the center of the island is a solar powered lighthouse. It is one of the oldest lighthouses in the province. Its true beauty is under the sea as snorkelers and divers will surely have lots of time exploring the place. To reach the place, tourists need to travel to Bogo via public buses or vans for hire from the Cebu north terminal. It is accessed by 2 1/2 hr banca ride from Mactan, 1hr from Sogod or by road to Bogo on the east coast of Cebu. It has an average depth of 80ft and its maximum can reach up to 150ft. A pumpboat can be rented and will accommodate 15 people for only 1,000 to 2,000 pesos. Capitancillo is a famous tourist destination that has a great treasure beneath its blue waters. The islet has a coral reef that measures around 2-3 kilometers from north to south. Its well preserved reef makes it a good spot for divers because of its pristine corals with colorful fish species and abundant marine life. A haven for divers and snorkelers, Capitancillo has 3 dive sites – Ormoc shoal, Nunez shoal and its very own southwest wall. These sites have shallow reef tops with soft corals, gorgonian sea fans, caves and black corals and an occasional sighting of manta rays will captivate the visitors. Though there are no diving operators on the island, there are 3 certified divers that charge 100 pesos for foreign tourists and 50 pesos for local. #CebuChannelOnline #CCO #CebuTourism #CebuTouristSpot #LaagLaagSaCebu #SuroySuroySugbu ⚡ want to be featured? Don't hesitate to pm us.

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Capitancillo is small coral island with crystal clear water that doesn’t get hot even if you take a dip on a very hot afternoon.
Teeming with variety of fish, big and small, this island is a perfect diving spot.
There’s a solar-powered lighthouse in the middle and ruins around.
A number of visitors take this as a side trip of their Kalanggaman Island tour.