On Lockdown And Getting Bored? These Games Might Help


Being on lockdown isn’t fun at all.
A lot of people are saying that now is the perfect time to do the household chores.
But aren’t household chores boring too?

Watching TV is fun yeah.
But it’s not healthy if you sit in a couch and watch all day.

Gather you family together and try these games to ease the boredom and strengthen the family bond.

Race to the Treasure
The race is on!
Can you beat the Ogre to the treasure?
It’s your job to make a path from START to the treasure and collect the three keys that will open the treasure’s locks before the Ogre gets there.
Strategize, cooperate, and build the path together.

Memory Game
Mix up the cards.
Lay them in rows, face down.
Turn over any two cards.
If the two cards match, keep them.
If they don’t match, turn them back over.
Remember what was on each card and where it was.
Watch and remember during the other player’s turn.
The game is over when all the cards have been matched.
The player with the most matches wins.

Hangman is a quick and easy game for at least two people that requires nothing more than paper, a pencil, and the ability to spell.

The board game Pictionary is fun to play with a group of three or more people.
The game includes a game board, four playing pieces and category cards, a one minute sand timer and a die.
It helps to have four drawing pads and pencils, but you can use any type of paper and pencils or even small dry-erase boards and markers.
Understanding how to play Pictionary is easy once you learn how to set up the game and how to handle special situations, such as the “All Play” category.

Connect 4
For anyone who’s a fan of strategy games, Connect Four is a definite classic.
Playing against an opponent, you try to be the first to place four checkers in a row on the game board. While figuring out game winning strategy can sometimes be challenge, the game is simple enough for the entire family to play.

Uno is a classic game that most people have played at some point in their lives.
Uno is fun, simple, and great fun for the whole family.

Stratego is a two player game that requires memory and strategy skills.
The goal is to be the first player to capture your opponent’s Flag or to capture all of your opponent’s moveable pieces.
You do this by attacking your opponent’s army pieces with your own army pieces.

Math skills and strategic planning are essential to winning this ancient African game.

Apples to Apples Junior
As its name implies, this is a version of Apples to Apples designed for kids, although the basic game still works well with adults, too.
The version has card optimized for middle-school aged children (9+). Also good for advanced grade-school aged children.

Solve the murder!
Correctly name the murderer, murder weapon, and murder location.