What We Still Don’t Know About Covid-19


The world only became aware of the coronavirus in December.
As of writing, nearly one million cases have been already reported globally with more than 50,000 deaths.
Despite the huge effort scientists all over the world have exerted, there is still much we do not understand.

Here’s a few things we don’t know yet about this virus.

Are children super-spreaders of the virus?

Children can definitely catch corona virus.
However, they mostly develop mild symptoms and there are relatively few deaths among children compared with other age groups.
Children are partly considered super-spreaders because they mix with lots of people especially in the playground, but with this virus, it is unclear yet to what extent they help spread it.

Can animals be infected too?

Yes, for dogs.
Probably for cats.
Few cats have been tested but since dogs can be infected, and cats are thought to be better hosts than dogs, it’s likely cats can be infected too.

Can infected animals infect people?

The risk is probably low, but we can’t say it’s zero.
If an animal is infected, it might have such a low level infection that it doesn’t pose a risk for transmission.

Willl be fewer cases in summer?

Seasonal change could also have an impact on the spread of the disease.
Viruses, in general, survive longer in cool, dry places.
That’s a hopeful reason to believe the transmission of this coronavirus will be suppressed a little bit as we move into the summer.

How long will immunity protect you after you’re infected?

There has been little evidence on how durable any immunity to the virus is.
Patients must have built up an immune response, if they successfully fight off the virus.
But as the disease has been around for only a few months there is a lack of long-term data.
Rumours of patients being infected twice may be down to tests incorrectly saying they were free of the virus.

There needs to be no new cases of COVID-19 reported globally for three consecutive weeks before the pandemic can be declared over.
Let’s do our part to get rid of this virus.
Stay home, wash your hands often and boost your immune system by eating healthy and exercising every day.

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