How to Franchise Turks and Everything You Need to Know


Do you have a craving for shawarma or pita doner today? Perhaps you’d prefer to run a Turk’s food cart franchise instead?

Turk’s is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the country, and if you’re interested in learning more about how you may start your own Turk’s franchise, keep reading.

TURKS specializes on Turkish cuisine that has been adapted to the Filipino palate. TURKS has its own Doner (Shawarma) formula, which sets them apart from other local players in the business.

Piolo Pascual and his son Inigo Pascual were chosen as brand ambassadors by Turk’s in 2017. We don’t know if Turk’s paid Piolo and Inigo Pascual millions of pesos for their endorsement, but it was a wise decision, as Piolo’s celebrity helped Turk’s become a trusted brand among food stalls in the Philippines.

Image source: Turks Facebook page

Shawarma vs. Doner vs. Gyros

Have you noticed that Turks’ menu does not include the word “shawarma”?

That’s because shawarma is distinct from both doner and gyros, yet the three dishes are also similar in several ways.

Turkey is credited with inventing the notion of grilling meat on a spit or rotisserie. This dish was dubbed doner kebab, which translates to “rotating grilled meat.”

When the dish first arrived in Greece, the Greeks called it gyros, which means “turning.” The doner’s popularity grew throughout the Middle East, and it was called shawarma, which is Arabic for “turning.”

The dish is the same whether it’s a doner, gyros, or shawarma — it’s beef, chicken, or lamb grilled in its own juice, and the shaved meat becomes the main part of the wrap.

These terminological variances also explain why Turk’s removed the word Shawarma from its brand name recently. They are now known simply as Turks, and because they are associated with Turkish food, they sell doners rather than shawarma.

Let’s find out how to franchise Turks in the Philippines now that we’ve learned about the food’s origins.


How to franchise TURKS:

Turk’s provides a variety of franchise opportunities, ranging from food kiosks to full-fledged stores, and the size of the store and the franchise fee will be determined by the type of franchise the applicant intends to operate. The following are the various store kinds that are available:

  • Food Cart: approx. 4 square meters
  • Kiosk: 8 to 10 square meters
  • Take-out:  11 to 15 square meters
  • Food Stall: 15 to 30 square meters
  • In Line: minimum of 20 square meters

The franchise fee for Turks now runs from P1 million to P1.4 million, although this does not include other franchise charges.

The overall franchise investment, according to Turks, can range from P1.6 million for a food cart / stand to roughly P3.4 million for a full store.

Turks Franchising Fundamentals

The Advantages of Owning a Turks Franchise

  • There is high success rate due to its business model rather than starting from scratch.
  • Turks is a well-known brand or trademark that can help you achieve your goals.
  • When establishing a well-known franchise like Turks, financing from many sources can be easily obtained.
  • When success formulas like low-cost materials, right placement, and good marketing strategies are followed, a franchisee can make a lot of money.
Image source: Turks Facebook Page

What factors should be considered when franchising Turks

  • Make sure you truly want to purchase this franchise and that it is the greatest fit for your business among the other options available.
  • Make sure you can work well with the TURKS franchise and that it is in your best interests. A visit to one of the franchise stores will provide you with a better understanding of the operations and procedures.
  • Examine the Terms & Conditions, Franchise Agreement, and what is included in the TURKS franchise.
  • Check to see if the TURKS franchise will be compliant with local rules and regulations, as well as current legislation.
  • One of the most important aspects of a successful TURKS franchise is the location. Examine the surrounding environment to see if your business fits in.
Image source: Turks Facebook Page


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